Sledding Adventures

Noah has found his new favorite outdoor activity - sledding! A couple Sundays ago when we got a lot of snow, Ryan and I promised Noah that we would take him sledding after work on Monday. Although it was getting dark by the time Ryan got home, a promise is a promise! I think Noah was surprised by the amount of clothing you have to wear when you go sledding - especially when it is only 17 degrees! I dressed him in his socks, a pair of my socks that went to his thighs, two pairs of sweat pants, a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, his snow pants, winter coat, mittens, and a ski mask. Yes, he was completely decked out and looked like Randy from A Christmas Story! No, he could not put his arms down either. :)

Ryan and I put on our own layers of clothes, somehow fit Noah into his carseat, loaded the sleds, and off we went. Just down the street there is a big, fairly steep hill that no one seems to have discovered. It provided the perfect place to go sledding! I know I probably shouldn't have, but I took one trip down the hill with Noah - I couldn't resist. He loved it! I think Ryan and Noah must have gone down that hill at least 10 times. Noah even said he wanted to go backwards once, which was really fun. He said, "Bye, Mommy, I love you. Bye," and down he went.

A picture to prove I was there, too! :)

A few days ago, Ryan and Noah went sledding with our friend, Matt, and his little boy, Bryson. Jessica (Matt's wife) and I stayed at her house and enjoyed the warmth. Our due dates are about 11 days apart, and it will be fun to add two more little boys to the mix! Noah asks almost everyday to go sledding again. With all the snow coming this weekend, I'm sure it won't be long!

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