Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun for Halloween this year! After much deliberation and sleepless nights, we decided to buy him a Mickey Mouse costume because that still is his most favorite thing in the world. Noah started the 4 day celebration with his classmates at church. They held a Fall party, and I didn't think much of it as the date got closer and closer, but when I went to drop him off, I felt really sad that I couldn't be part of it. Ryan - being the best dad in the world - skipped lunch and spent time with Noah and his friends for awhile. They played basketball, walked around collecting candy from various people, and played some other games. I'm so glad he was able to make it!

The second day consisted of a Halloween party at my friend/coworker's house. Marinda provided plenty of food for everyone, and when it got dark, she and her husband projected a kid-friendly movie onto a big screen outside. When we first arrived, Noah wanted to go up into the treehouse. He kept calling it his clubhouse, which was fitting in his Mickey Mouse costume. We weren't up there for more than 3 minutes when he grabbed himself and had a deer-in-headlights look on his face. I swooped him out of the treehouse as quickly as possible, but we were too late. We had to change him out of his black pants that matched his costume and put him in brown ones. At least it got dark pretty quickly! :) We ate some delicious hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and chocolate dipped pretzels. Noah thoroughly enjoyed his first popcorn ball, which was all over his face, costume, and hands. I got to visit with a bunch of friends from work for awhile, and then Noah hit a wall. Even the popcorn ball and backyard fun couldn't keep him going. We said goodnight and counted the night as a success overall!

Saturday brought Day 3 of our Halloween festivities. Ryan's sister, my nieces, my nephew, and my in-laws all came over so the kids could go to our Trunk-n-Treat event at church. Dozens of cars line up in the parking lot, and the kids walk around and go trick-or-treating. It's really cute! They had several games and some live entertainment; plus, I think I noticed about 40 kids enjoying the playground area. It was a zoo over there! The kids all seemed to have a great time, and I loved seeing them altogether. My mom and her husband even came by the church for a bit to see Noah all dressed up. Later our friends Leah, Joe, Little Joey, and Baby Ray came by for some Trunk-n-Treat fun! We had a great time!

Afterward, everyone came back to the house for some delicious chicken and dumplings, salad, breadsticks, and Halloween cake. It was so fun to have everyone over, and our entire house smelled like Thanksgiving! It made me so excited for the upcoming holidays.

On Sunday, our friend Dalia and her daughter, Ava, came over to help pass out candy for Halloween. Noah got dressed up yet again and went to a few houses around ours. We have one neighbor in particular who gets really into holidays, and he dressed up like Michael from the Halloween movies. It was super creepy, but if you were brave enough to approach him (and his axe), you got a full-sized candy bar. Reese Cups - get in my belly! Halloween was a lot of fun this year, and it's hard to believe we'll have two little boys to dress up. I can hardly wait!

"See ya real soon!"

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