Good Bye First Trimester

We finally hit the first big milestone of pregnancy yesterday. The dreaded first trimester is behind us!! I couldn't be happier to be 13 weeks and have the majority of the nausea and sleepiness in my past. Let me catch you up on the past couple months of our lives...

Up until last Spring, Ryan and I had this satisfying feeling that our family was "complete," though we always knew we would probably have more children. Neither of us felt rushed to hurry and have another baby, knowing that when the time was right, we would just know. It was probably April when I first felt that old familiar feeling - something was missing. I really think God puts that feeling on our hearts when He decides its time for us to move forward our your journey rather than live with the status quo. The conversations about having another baby began, and we knew that  a Spring baby would be great timing for my job.

In July, I totally thought I was pregnant! I had several symptoms and just felt pregnant; however, the pregnancy test was negative. As the end of August drew near, I didn't "feel" pregnant at all. I decided to take a prengnacy test on August 25th just to confirm my suspicions, but instead, I was totally surprised to see a plus sign quickly appear on the test. I started laughing to myself and double checked the directions to make sure I was reading it correctly. I went into the living room, and Ryan asked me why I was smiling. I announced, "We're pregnant," though I was still in total shock. We were both really happy, but since neither of us thought we going to be pregnant, we stayed in a state of shock for probably another 24 hours. Then we quickly began sharing the good news with our family!

I felt really decent for about two weeks after finding out we were pregnant. However, when we hit the 6 week mark, I experienced a quick 180 degree change. I felt nauseous 24 hours a day with no relief, and I started taking a 2-3 hour nap each day. Thank goodness for working part time! When people ask was morning sickness all day sickness feels like, I like to describe it as living with the stomach flu 24 hours a day minus the body aches for an unknown amount of time. You have to force yourself to eat, knowing that if you don't you'll only feel worse. Eating when you are experiencing a constant stomach ache is like going against nature. When you have that flu, you can lie in bed and starve yourself until it passes. With pregnancy, you have to keep living your life as close to normal as possible.

I felt really sick for about 4 weeks, and I really struggled with guilt during that time. I felt horrible for not spending good, quality time with Ryan and Noah. It's really hard to focus on meeting other people's needs when you are feeling so horrible, which only made me feel more selfish and guilty. Fortunately, I am feeling much better these days. I still feel sick during the evenings, and even that doesn't happen every night. I know I am turning a corner, but I can't wait until my stomach feels 100% normal again. I am sleeping really well from about 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. Then I toss and turn for the next 3-5 hours. For some reason, I am having a hard time sleeping comfortably. I slept great with Noah, so hopefully this isn't a sign of what's to come. :) I was SO good about sleeping on my left side at night when I was pregnant the first time but am having so much more trouble with that this time. Did any of you other moms ever experience that??

Two weeks ago, Ryan and I had our first prenatal appointment. We met with Dr. Soper, and she was more personable than I remember her being last time. Maybe I passed her test of going through natural childbirth, so now she's going to be more laid back this time around?! We sat in her office for awhile answering various questions. When I told her the first day of my last period was July 26th, she said, "You're not going to believe this, but you are the third person in a row to say that same date." How crazy is that?? This means we share a due date with at least two of her other patients.

Next we went into the exam room. She put the jelly on my belly and quickly found my heartbeat with the doppler. I found myself holding my breath while she searched for the baby's heartbeat, and fortunately, we didn't wait more than a few seconds. The woosh, woosh...woosh, woosh..woosh, woosh quickly filled the room. I think my heart skipped a beat with excitement. It really is the best sound in the world! I told Dr. Soper my concerns that maybe I was carrying twins due to my family history and how quickly I was showing already. I had only gained 3 lbs., buy my stomach looked 4-5 weeks ahead of my last pregnancy. She said that the size of my uterus really makes her think it's just one baby. It was enough to put my mind at ease, but until I see an ultrasound, I am not putting the possibility out of my mind.

The coolest part about this appointment was learning that there is a new test that can be done to determine the baby's blood type. I am Rh negative, and Ryan is Rh positive. I had to have two injections of Rhogam with Noah due to our different blood types. The first one they do as a default at 28 weeks. Then, when Noah was born, and they found out that he was Rh positive, too, I had to have another injection. This time, a new technology has been developed where they took a blood sample from my arm, and they can determine the baby's blood type while it is in utero. How cool is that?? This will help know with certainty whether or not I need Rhogam. As a bonus, this company that analyzes the blood will also tell you the sex of the baby. Since we didn't find out last time because that was what I prefered, we already knew we were going to find out this time as a compromise. So we signed up for both test results!

I had a voicemail on my phone last Wednesday from Dr. Soper saying our test results were in a week earlier than we expected! I was heading into a case conference, so I sent Ryan a text message that they were in. He asked if he could call Dr. Soper to find out, and I thought it would be really neat for him to know before me, so I agreed. He text me back about 20 minutes later and wrote, "I know...." About an hour and a half later, I was finally home and was about to burst at the seams. Ryan was already there with Noah, so I ran inside and made him tell me everything from the very beginning. I love the build up that leads to surprises! He said he was so excited, and his heart was racing so fast when he called that he could barely articulate why he was calling. Dr. Soper called him back and explained the technical infomration about the blood test. She then shared that the baby was Rh negative, just like me! That was exciting news! Two less injections I have to deal with in this pregnancy! Then, Ryan teased me for a bit when I asked what the baby's sex was. Finally he said, "We're going to have....a baby.......


I was so happy and got a tear in my eye. Another boy. A brother for Noah. Another son. Questions started going through my mind as I wondered what he would look like or be like. There is no way we could have another blue eyed, blond haired child, right? What are the chances? Will he be a good sleeper? Will he be as sweet as Noah? Will he have a funny sense of humor? So many questions that only time can answer. I am so happy to get to know this little boy and cannot wait to feel him move for the first time. I am so happy that Noah will have a brother, and that as they go through life, they will have each other! I hope we can provide the kind of home where their friendship will grow over time despite their differences...that they will always respect each other and take care of one another.

Brothers. I love it!



A few weeks ago, I got the Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog - Christmas 2010 in the mail. We initially learned about Samaritan's Purse at church when the earthquake devastated so many lives Haiti. After making a donation to the organization, we began receiving frequent mailings from them. Yes, I admit - I get super annoyed with mailings. Credit cards, charitable organizations, insurance companies...doesn't matter. I don't like getting any of them.

However, I am SO thankful that I received the Gift Catalog a few weeks ago. This catalog describes 44 different gifts that you can purchase for people all over the world. I went through the catalog page by page, reading about the various gifts and trying to decide how we can help a family in some other part of the world.

The first gift that really caught my eye was Gift #30 - Household Water Filters. These filters require no chemicals or power but instead rely on a natural biological process to remove disease-causing microorganisms and pollutants. How awesome is that??? I always find myself drawn to charitable organizations that work to help people have clean water, all because of watching one of those horribly sad commercials when I was little. There was a man on TV talking about how kids used the same water for cooking, drinking, bathing, and going to the bathroom. I was in total shock - I had never heard of people having to live like that. It really opened my eyes that a bigger world existed outside my little bubble, and it was a world where clean water wasn't readily available. So, knowing that this water filter will help a family have clean water brings so me so much joy!

The second gift brought me to tears. Gift #21 is milk, and there is a picture of two happy little boys with glasses of white milk in their hands. I lost it. I found myself crying...my whole life I've thought about how people don't have clean water but never considered the fact that something as simple as milk was not available to children. We drink two gallons of milk each week, and in many places around the world, kids don't get to drink milk. Does that break your heart in pieces? Mine seriously shattered tonight when I read Gift #21. For only $4, a family can be provided an entire week's worth of milk. Four dollars. Think about it. That's one drink at Starbucks, a value meal at McDonalds, a movie rental. Four dollars...for milk...that would last a week.

Our pastor once said that if you're looking for your purpose in life, wait for something to break you. If something shatters your heart, it's a pretty good indicator that you need to get involved. It's your purpose. For you it may not be water or even milk. We all have different things that break our hearts for different reasons. It helps prevent us from all going after the same cause. I hope you'll think about it, though, and remember the things that break your heart - not just at holiday time, but all year long. Consider looking through Samaritan's Purse's Gift Catalog. You might just find something that moves you, breaks you, and then makes you smile when you know you've just help improve someone's life - even if it's just as simple as a glass of milk.


The Adventures Continue

Sorry I've been so absent in my blogging! Here are some fun pictures to hold you over until I have time for a better update on our lives. Enjoy!

 Noah's first sleepover with Evie :)

Labor Day at Independence Park

Just being a boy...
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