I'm a Big Boy Now!

Somehow, over the past month, Noah seems to have really become a big boy. I know he's only two. I know! Still, he has changed so much, and I am LOVING this new stage. I wrote last time about our potty training endeavors. His language just keeps exploding, as he's always saying something new. Some of my favorite conversations include:

Noah: "Where's my daddy?"
Me: "Daddy's at work."
Noah: "Daddy at work. Making money. I'm proud of you!"
(nothing makes me melt more than Noah looking Ryan or me in the eye and telling us he's proud of us)

Me: "Noah, you're a stinker!"
Noah: "I not a stinker anymore. I'm a good boy!
(It's already important to him to be a good boy. He gets really sad if I say he is being a bad boy, which I reserve for when he's being REALLY badly behaved.)

Noah: "What's wrong?"
Me: "Nothing's wrong, honey. Mommy's happy."
(He's always checking in to see if we're ok - though I think it's mostly because it's one of the only ways he knows to start a conversation.)

Setting: Ryan and I are having a conversation.
Noah: "Talk to me, Mommy! Talk to me, Daddy!"
Ryan or Me: "What do you want to talk about, buddy?"
Noah: [Begins talking about Mickey Mouse, his favorite]

Setting: I ask Noah to do something.
Noah: "Why?"
Me: Because Mommy needs to you to obey."
Noah: "Why?"
Me. Because it's important to listen to Mommy and follow directions."
Noah: "Why?"
Me: [Finally realize I'm 3 "whys" deep in this conversation, so I stop talking.]

Not only has Noah's language exploded, but he has been sleeping in his "big boy room" for over a month now! Once he conquered potty training, he just looked funny sleeping in a crib. Noah just seemed too big to sleep with bars all around him. We I looked for ideas to decorate his new room all over the place. I went to countless stores and as usual, I felt disappointed by the selection for boys. I used to get frustrated shopping for his clothes because there are always 3-4 times as many girls' clothes as boys' clothes. This time I was super annoyed by the ONE sports' themed comforter set that I found at each department store where I looked.

Finally, per some advice of friends, I went to Target and hit the jackpot! There was a really cute space theme and another one that was robot themed. There were some classic sports themed comforters and some neutral boys decorations. I ended up falling in love with this cars and trucks quilt set. I bought matching sheets, window valance, lamp, piggy bank, and wall decals. I also found some GREAT items at Home Goods: a step stool, a painting, and a big bookshelf. At the big Target toy clearance sale, I found some little wooden trucks that Noah can take apart and put back together. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think! We are pretty happy with it, and Noah LOVES spreading out in his big boy bed! Of course every parent worries that moving your kid from the crib to a bed automatically means you are fighting your child to stay in bed. We have been very lucky not to have that problem. We were very stern with Noah about staying in his bed until we come get him, and he does just that. I love that boy!

Noah's new train table! Thanks Aunt Kelli & Cousin Micah!
The headboard was another great find at Home Goods!

This was my dresser when I was a growing up!


Jaimee_Bridges said...

this is so cute! I love it!

Infarrantly Creative said...

That is so cute. Lisa used to have this set for Garrett. I think she has a few extra pieces she was trying to get rid of. Knowing Lisa they are probably gone already. She doesn't let stuff stay around her house too long. I love the big boy colors and I can't believe he is in a big boy bed already. Next up is college ;-)

Sara said...

Wow!! Big boy bed (his room is adorable!!) AND potty training.....that's huge! We've conquered those two 'biggies' over at our house too and are ALL feeling a little bit of pride! Congrats to you!

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