New York City - Tuesday

The last day of our trip to NYC went by so quickly. We woke up early and made our way back to NBC Studios to take their tour. After checking in with the guides, Ryan and I grabbed some breakfast in their cafe.

Our view from the cafe

The tour began with a short video about the history of NBC Studios, which was actually pretty interesting! Then we went into some news studio - I can't remember which one. To be honest, I don't watch the news, so I don't keep up on news anchors. Next we went to Jimmy Fallon's studio, and we loved this part of the tour! I loved Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL and was in mourning when he left the show. I kept hoping that he might turn up on the tour to surprise us, but no such luck! For the last part of the tour, we got to see the Saturday Night Live studio, which was really interesting! It was very small and much different than I expected. One of the pages who took us on the tour said he has seen at least 11 shows this past year - quite the perk! At the very end of the tour, Ryan volunteered to be a weather anchor, which was pretty funny! He had to point to various parts of the green screen while saying everything on the tele-prompter.

Debbie Downer

After the tour ended, we went to the NBC Store, where I purchased a couple final souveniers: a Bayside Tigers sweatshirt (Saved by the Bell) and an NBC Studios Christmas ornament. We walked back to our hotel, packed our bags, and waited for our driver to come pick us up. We had made reservations with Dial 7 rather than using Super Shuttle again. We wanted to make sure that we got to the airport on time, and we were a litlte nervous that in a van we would be picking up several other people before making it to the airport. Dial 7 cost about twice as much, but it was a totally relaxing trip back to the airport, which definitely made it worth it. We grabbed a couple last minute slices of NY style pizza at the airport and talked about all the fun adventures we had on our trip. Ryan and I had such an incredible time together. It was so good for us to get away and have some time for just the two of us!

My dad and Danette had watched Noah and Kya while we were away, and the four of them came to the airport to pick us up. We were so excited to see Noah, and it was great to see Kya again, too! We gave everyone their gifts, which is always fun, and talked about some of the highlights of our trip. I am already looking forward to our next trip to NYC. I just emailed NBC Studios to get SNL tickets - you can only do that in August - so maybe if I randomly get picked, we'll make another trip out there this year!

Happy 30th birthday, Ryan! I hope it was the best birthday you've ever had!

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Greta May said...

I loved the NBC studio tour. How do you request tickets? I know I would never get them...but I would love to have a chance!! You can message me on FB.

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