Mallow Run Winery - How I Love Thee

Ok, I need a show of hands. How many of you have heard of Mallow Run Winery?? Of course the majority of you raised your hands! This winery has become one of the best local businesses in the Greenwood area. Four short years ago, Mallow Run opened their doors and invited the community in for what we quickly realized was going to be a relaxing, fun experience filled with delicious wine and wonderful food. I remember them having some events here and there, but now, their calendar is filled with Bazbeaux Pizza & Wine Nights (with local music), farmer's markets (Sundays 1-4 p.m. through Oct. 3rd), various concerts, and 5k runs. They even have events where you can bring your dogs! Over Labor Day weekend, they will celebrate their 4th anniversary for three days, complete with a hog roast and plenty of live music. Ryan and some of our friends are running in their Wine at the Line 5k in September; however, they're going to run 7 miles from our house to the winery and then do the additional 5k. Overachievers? Maybe! Dedicated? Absolutely! Crazy? Of course! I have gone to a few pizza a wine nights, and one night my friend, Lisa, and I chatted for several hours over a glass of wine, bread, and cheese. Everytime I visit Mallow Run, I leave feeling lighter on my feet and more relaxed. I know what you're thinking - it's the wine. Well, of course that's part of it! In addition, they provide amazing customer service and the perfect atmosphere. How could a person not have a good time!

If you've been following my blog for awhile now, you know that I have been searching for a way to prepare better beef for my family. After seeing Food, Inc., I found myself in a state of awareness that has made it impossible to buy meat from our grocery store. Also, many of you know how much I enjoy making freezer meals for my family. It's simplifies my life and provides us with delicious meals that are ready in a snap. The idea of having all hormone and antibiotic-free meat in bulk, inside my deep freezer, two feet from my kitchen made my heart dance!

The search began in May, and after hours of research, I chose where I would buy my chicken, pork, and beef. However, due to some unfortunate customer service issues, I decided that I could not work with the farm who was originally going to provide our beef. Not only that, but I couldn't recommend their farm to all of you after getting so much positive feedback. I had quickly learned how many of you also wanted to make these changes for your families, too!

My friend, Mark, sent me an email saying, "Did you know that Mallow Run is now selling premium beef?"


What? My beloved Mallow Run was possibly going to be the answer my prayers?? The benefits seemed endless. They would provide LOCAL hormone and anitbiotic-free beef that receive a grass fed diet along with supplmental grain (corn and soybeans that they themselves grow on their farm) and hay. The majority of their cows also have Black Angus genetics, too. Additionally, their price point is only $2.70/lb in hanging weight. The most recent quarters of beef cost anywhere between $360-$410. This is an INCREDIBLE price friends!

In the end, we have proudly chosen to buy our beef from Mallow Run Winery. Bill Richardson is WONDERFUL with customer service. I think my first email from him was returned at 2:00 a.m.! He has been extremely timely in returning emails and phone calls. I love that we are supporting two local businesses in this journey, too: Mallow Run Winery and Archer's Meat & Catering (they process the meat). It truly is a win-win situation!

If anyone is interested in purchasing their beef from Mallow Run Winery, Bill still has 2 quarters available that were processed 3 weeks ago. In addition, he wil also have up to 8 additional quarters available in mid-October. Actually, make that 6 quarters because two families we know already bought 2 of them. :) Just contact Bill (bill@mallowrun.com or 317-422-1556) if you are interested in purchasing their premium beef. I highly recommend stopping by the winery for a fun evening with your friends and familiy. You won't be disappointed! My friend, Leah, already picked up her quarter. It was contained in 4 boxes (approximately 3'x1') and was super easy to pick up. I can't wait to get mine tomorrow!!

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