Indiana State Fair

A few weeks ago, we went to the Indiana State Fair our friends in our Bible study group. We meet twice a month, and since we were between studies, we decided to just go hang out and eat a bunch of fair food with our families. Truly, my favorite part of the fair is spending way too much money on all the delicious temptations they have to eat. We weren't in the fairgrounds for more than 10 minutes before Ryan and I were wolfing down a rib-eye steak sandwich and an ear of corn. Soon after, we ordered some jumbo corn dogs to share with Noah. They offered fun slushies where you could add multiple flavors to your jumbo sized cup, so I filled mine with raspberry and grape. We topped everything off with the most delicious elephant ear I had ever eaten. YUM!

There was a little section set up for kids, so Ryan and I took Noah there to check things out. We put an apron on him, and he grabbed a little bucket. We walked around from barn to silo to house, completing various tasks along the way.

Below you can see Noah taking the grain he got from the silo and feeding it to the cow. Guess it's not a grass-fed cow. :)

After that we walked over to this little garden area where Noah had to plant a seed with his little shovel and rake. He loved that part! We walked over to the apple orchard area where Noah picked up the perfect apple to add to his basket.

We made our way over to a little circular track where the kids could drive these miniature tractors. It was so cute! Ryan walked Noah around the path, and I'm not sure that Noah ever quit smiing during this part of the adventure.

Next Noah had to milk the cow, which he thought was pretty cool. Sometimes I can't think about stuff like that - you know, where milk originates because I LOVE milk. If I think about it too much, it completely grosses me out. This is really true with any animal product. So, I didn't bother telling Noah that is where we get his milk. What he doesn't know won't hurt him!

After Noah finished all his tasks - milking cows, collecting fruits/vegetables, gathering wool, etc. - he had to take the fruits of his labor to the market. Here they paid him one dollar for his hard work, and he got to spend it inside the store. They had a bunch of healthy snacks like string cheese, pretzels, yogurt, and milk. It was really cute! Noah, without much surprise, chose pretzels.

We walked around the fairgrounds with our friends and just enjoyed the night. By the end of the evening, my stomach was full of the delcious, greasy, sugary things we ate. I already can't wait until next summer!

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