Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah!

Last year, I had a blast celebrating Noah's 1st birthday. The first year went by so quickly, but to be honest, the second year truly seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. How is my once quiet, sleepy little baby suddenly almost 3 feet tall, running around my house singing the Mickey Mouse theme song while playing in his kitchen and bringing me pretend ice cream cones??? Yeah, I have no clue, but we are there. I don't really get sentimental about Noah not being a baby anymore because I get SO excited about the new fun things he is saying and doing each day.

For his birthday party this year, we decided to keep things pretty simple. The guest list included just our siblings, parents, nieces, nephew, and a set of grandparents. We had chicken salad croissants, chips, pretzels, a veggie tray, a fruit salad, and birthday cake for everyone to enjoy.

When Noah woke up on morning of his birthday, Ryan grabbed the video camera, and we sang happy birthday to him. Next, Ryan made him some Mickey Mouse pancakes (the guy is a pro!), and Noah dipped them in his "doop" (syrup).

While Ryan did some last minute cleaning, I finished Noah's Mickey Mouse birthday cake (are you sensing a theme here?). It turned out as well as I could have hoped! Friday night I baked the layers, made homemade buttercream, colored the icing, and cut our the fondant pieces (with Ryan's help) Friday night. That took about 5 hours, including clean up. Then, I just had to decorate it Saturday morning, which took an additional 2 hours. The final product tells me that it was all worth it!!

After eating lunch and playing for a bit, we all sang Noah Happy Birthday again, and he blew out his candles. After devouring a good portion of the Mickey Mouse hat and turning himself and everything around him black, Ryan and I gave him a quick bath.

Then he opened all of his presents including a new table and chairs set from IKEA, clothes, books, a rocking chair, a step stool, money, a savings bond, a t-ball set, a cupcake set, and a birthday cake set for his kitchen. All in all, I would say he was spoiled rotten! That's what birthdays are for, right? Here are some of my favorite pictures from his special day.

Happy 2nd birthday, Noah! "I love you" will never really describe how much you mean to me! I cannot wait to see you grow from a toddler to a boy to a man. What birthday cakes will your future interests bring - Spiderman, Sesame Street, or Sports Teams? I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I'm enjoying every minute of life with you!

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Amy Jo @ The Little Moments said...

That pretty much looks like the perfect 2 year old party ever! I love your decorations and cake, and sweet little 2 year old face.

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