Spring is Here!

Finally! Spring is here! I honestly felt like we would never say goodbye to winter this year. I think it was dark and cold everyday for 5 months, which left me in desperate need of sunshine and bright colors. I don't know that I ever remember all of the shades of purple during the spring time that I've seen this year. Were my eyes closed in previous years? They must have been because the colors of spring were beautiful this year!

Along with every other person in our neighborhood, we decided to do some yardwork a couple weeks ago. Our yard was in pretty awful shape after the long winter.

That Saturday morning we woke up motivated and ready to work! After a trip to Home Depot and Menards, we returned home and got busy. We let Kya run around in the yard while we worked, and Noah did his best to slow down our progress help. We literally worked from sun up to sun down, trying to restore our yard to make it look beautiful again.

Can you tell his daddy dressed him? :)

Drum roll please...

New Impatiens planted at the front door instead of ivy along with a new hanging basket of flowers to brighten up the house.

A new lilac bush - we had one when I was little, and the scent brings back so many memories.

Daylilies along the fenceline (we bought some more bricks to finish the edging)

We planted some Hyacinths...

...and now they look like this!

I am really hopeful that I will be able to find the time to plant a vegetable garden in the next couple of weeks. It was something I wanted to do last year but ran out of time. I know the window for planting is getting smaller and smaller, so wish me luck! Hopefully you will see a blog on that topic in the near future.


Shannon said...

Good call on getting rid of the ivy. When we moved here, ivy was everywhere. It is pretty, but it is a snake haven. And, it was growing up our house in spots and growing UNDER the cedar shingle siding. We saw it do some pretty deep damage to mortar on stone walls in our landscaping. I like it but when I see it I want to stop at people's houses and warn them!!
Have you thought about doing a raised veggie bed? I REALLY planned on getting one started this year. Don't think it is going to happen. I think I'll concentrate on getting a small herb garden going and mooch veggies off of my mom to eat and can :)

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks great! Danette

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