Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Well, Noah made it 21 months and 15 days without having an interest for the television. It's not like I wanted him to watch a lot of TV anyway, but there have been days that I thougth to myself, "If he would only sit and watch TV for 15 minutes so that I could [fill in the blank]." If you remember, I wrote several weeks ago about Noah's new friend, Mouf. Well, after a long obsession with Mouf, Noah was finally able to say "Mouse!" It was a huge accomplishment turning that f sound into an s sound.

I'm not sure how it happened, but one day we decided to turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just to see if he would like it. As soon as the show began, Noah was mesmorized! He didn't take his eyes off the screen for a good 5 minutes but soon became bored with the story line. At the end of this cartoon, Mickey leads his friends in the Hot Dog Song! They sing this cute song and dance around saying goodbye to everyone. Well, Noah was sold from that moment on! All he has wanted is Mouse, Mouse, and more Mouse! We have had to limit his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse viewing to 1-2 episodes per day because he was having huge meltdowns when the show ended.

Noah's participation in the Hot Dog Song has transformed as time has gone by. At first Noah just wanted us to hold him while the song played, and he would scream "Goodbye!" to all of his friends at the end of the show. Now, he seems to love the beginning scene just as much as the last scene. He says the magic words and yells out the names for each of his friends. My particular favorite one that he calls out is "Goo-ey." We took this video of Noah very early on in his love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so enjoy!


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Great video! Danette

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