Little Moments

I am very behind with blogging - very, very behind! I decided to pick up a few extra cases at work, and that has taken up all of my free time the past couple of weeks. After working 31.5 hours on the first case, which was also the most involved, I have been quickly reminded why I love my part time status at work. In the past three weeks, I feel like our lives have been scattered all over the place. We are eating a lot of quick, easy meals. A pile of bills was left sitting on the counter for over a week...maybe two. I hadn't been to the grocery in two weeks, and we didn't have any milk in the house for two days. Emotionally, I have felt like a train wreck. Physically, I feel like my pattern of eating pizza and hibernating all winter has caught up with me, and I am desperately in need of a run in the cool air and sunny skies. Intellectually, I am shot. I get tip-of-the-tongue-syndrome every other conversation. With the end of the year rush that happens to school psychologists that seems to get earlier each year, I feel a bit flustered and eratic rather than calm, steady, and organized. Yes, this has indeed been a wonderful time to be reminded of why I work part time.

How do people work full time? How can you catch up on things on the weekends when all you want to do is play outside with your kids and go on a date with your spouse?

Thank goodness my in-laws stayed over night with us on Friday because it lit a fire under me to give my house a deep clean...at 7 o' clock that night...while they were away at a wedding. Surprisingly, the house feels very clean and organized despite my feeling overwhelmed and on edge.

With that said, I was also reminded this evening that while my posts about the bigger events in our lives is always important, it's all the little moments in between that really make my life. An example would be after dinner tonight when Noah and I were playing hide-n-seek with Ryan. We were hiding while Ryan counted to ten. Noah picked our spot - right in the open by the front door - and as I went to sit down, he came around and sat down right in front of me, snuggled in tight, reached for me, and held my hand. It was precious. He has such a sweet, gentle soul, and I love those quiet moments when he just looks into my eyes, and I can feel his little fingers wrapped around mine.

On the way home, he was strapped into his car seat entertaining himself when I heard him yell, "Mommy, 'ook! Mommy, 'ook!" I turned around to find him balancing his pacifier between his chin and his chest, and he was belly laughing about it. It was hilarous! I love those little moments when we both find ourselves entertained by each other's silly antics.

Right now is one of those little moments when Noah is just drifting to sleep, and I am laid back, relaxing and enjoying some time for myself/with Ryan. Parents have several favorite times each day: seeing your child first thing in the morning, playing a fun game together, watching your child laugh, putting your child down for a nap, playing after dinner, saying goodnight, and last but not least, having free time when your child is in bed. It's the little moments - the little moments that you're especially thankful for after an overwhelming couple of weeks.

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