Grandparent Tour 2010

Over the past 5 days, it seems like our family has been here, there, and everywhere! I think this story is best told from the beginning.

My friend, Jill, is on maternity leave, and I decided to pick up a couple of her cases to make a little extra money. My mom watched Noah at our house last Wednesday, and he had a blast with his Nana! He slept until 9:15 that morning, and I just can't understand why he doesn't sleep like that when I'm home for the day. He loves saying, "Hi Nah-nie! Hi Nah-nie!" It's adorable! Watching your child love someone you love and also seeing that person love your child in return is truly priceless.

Early last week, Noah's sitter, Alissa (who is also my good friend and Ryan's second cousin) found out that her mother was going to have surgery on Thursday. Ryan was going to be in Evansville for work Thursday and Friday, and I also had to work those two days. So, Ryan's parents offered to take Noah back to their house Thursday and Friday. What?! An entire two days without Noah or Ryan? It has been over two years since I've had the house all to myself like that. Whatever would I do with my time? I called my friend, Alyssa, who I hadn't seen since November, and we decided that dinner and a movie was just what we needed. We met up at BJ's Brewhouse, and I think it's official - I love that restaurant! I have never eaten anything that I haven't liked. Alyssa likes cheese as much as I do, so we were in heaven with all the things we shared that night.

GOURMET MAC & CHEESE: A delicious and creamy blend of rotelle pasta with three cheeses, chipotle and a hint of garlic. Topped with seasoned breadcrumbs and bacon then oven-baked for a golden brown finish.

MOZZARELLA STICKS: Mozzarella cheese sticks coated with a special garlic-butter breading, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and served with marinara sauce.

MARGHERITA FRESCA FLATBREAD PIZZA: A classic Italian recipe with fresh mozzarella cheese and sweet tomato sauce. Garnished with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

It was a cheese lover's dream come true! My parents always used to tell me that I could live off cheese, butter, and bread, and they weren't kidding! Anyway, after dinner Alissa and I went and saw Dear John. I hate to say this, but I was totally disappointed. I like nearly every movie I see, and I just didn't like it. Maybe I set my expectations too high - I don't know. The last third of the movie, I kept thinking, "Are you serious? This is the direction they are taking?" I was so sad because I was totally ready for a good chick flick with lots of tears and broken hearts. Oh well! I still had a great time with Alyssa. After dropping her off, I went home to spend some time with Kya. I felt bad leaving her home all day by herself, but when I tried to play fetch with her, she was just too tired to play. I guess all that sleeping all day makes a pup pretty tired. I thought it would be a lot worse staying in the house by myself that night without Ryan and Noah, but I think I must have been too tired to care. I fell right to sleep and crashed until morning.

Ryan drove back from Evansville on Friday, and I met him at home after work. We packed up the car to get ready for Noah's third stop on the Grandparent Tour of 2010. It was my dad's birthday, so we were heading north to celebrate with him! We drove to Ryan's parents' house to pick up Noah, and on our way, my dad called to say they were under a winter weather advisory. They were only expecting 1-3 inches, but the roads were going to flash freeze and be pretty slick. After having dinner with Ryan's parents, we decided to make the trip anyway, knowing that if the roads got bad, we would just stop at a hotel. The wind was blowing pretty strongly, and at times the snow was coming down pretty hard, but slow and steady wins the race. We got to my dad and Danette's around 9:30 Friday night.

After unpacking the car and visiting for a bit, we attempted to put Noah to bed. Separation anxiety has kicked in full force, and I think the changes of spending Wednesday with his Nana, Thursday and Friday with his Mama and Papa, and now spending the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's was just enough to send this tired, cranky little guy through the roof. He usually goes to bed without a peep and falls right to sleep, but Friday night was an exception. He screamed and screamed and screamed until finally he fell asleep in Ryan's arms. We crashed that night and slept soundly until morning.

Saturday morning I went to visit a girl I went to high school with named Brittany. I hadn't seen her in years, and it was great to meet her husband and two daughters. It was a quick visit but one I won't soon forget. After I got back to Dad and Danette's, my brother and his wife came over to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had a a host of appetizeres followed by a delicious beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad, and rolls. YUM! After visiting with my brother and his wife for a couple hours, they left for home, and Noah took a big nap. A few hours later, my cousin Joey and his wife Katey, along with their two daughters, Aubrey and Sidney (ages 5 and 3), came over for Part 2 of my dad's birthday festivities. We ordered some delicious pizza from Mancinos Italian Eatery. I had never had their pizza before, but it was delicious! It is always so fun to have girl time with Danette and Katey!

Aubrey & Noah

The best part of the night was watching Noah play with Sydney and Aubrey. The moment he laid eyes on Aubrey, I think he was in love. Seriously. I have never seen Noah act this way with anyone - ever! He immediately was holding her hand, sitting in her lap, gazing into her eyes. It was so sweet! The entire night he kept yelling in a New York accent, "Come 'ere! Come 'ere!" and Aubrey was gracious enough to indulge him. They walked around the house holding hands and playing from room to room. At the end of the evening, the kids would run from the back of the house, up the hall, and into the living room. Ryan and I would grab at them as they ran by, so the screaming would sound with each passing run. It was so cute! I can't wait to get the kids together again.


Sunday morning I woke up feeling kind of bad - just a head cold, but I just hadn't slept well. We ended up staying home Sunday at my parents and just hung out. After lunch we packed the car back up and said our goodbyes. Noah fell asleep within minutes of getting in the car and slept until we reached our driveway 2 1/2 hours later. It was glorious!
Noah feeding Aubrey blueberries

As if one movie with a girlfriend wasn't a huge treat, I got to go out again Sunday night with my friend, Jackie. She hadn't seen New Moon yet, and it's playing at the dollar theatre in town. So, at 9:35 p.m., I munched on popcorn and M&Ms while enjoying my obsession with the Twilight Saga - again. It was great, and I can't wait until the DVD comes out on March 20th. Even better is the fact that Eclipse will be released on June 30, 2010, which means I only have to wait 4 months until I can see the next movie in the series.

Noah in Danette's shoes

It's been a busy 5 days, and it was worth every second. Noah got to see 5 of his grandparents, and Ryan and I got to visit with our parents. Plus, I got to see two movies with some friends - what a treat! Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!

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hoosiercarlene said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. Glad you made it to S. Whitley safely on Friday. I was out also and the roads were pretty bad. I followed Macy home from Fort Wayne about 10pm and we both made it. Just a little slower than usual. It sounds like your life if going in the direction you want it and that is so wonderful. I hope to meet your little boy someday. He is adorable.

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