Chuck E. Cheese

A couple weeks ago, the elementary school where I work was doing a fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese. Ryan and I decided to take Noah because I love their pizza we thought he would have a great time. When I was growing up, it was called Showbiz Pizza, and I loved that place! I probably only went a couple times, but whenever I did, it was like heaven on earth. I mean, what kid doesn't like pizza, robotic animals, games, tokens, and prizes?!

Sorry, this is supposed to be about Noah - not me.

When we arrived at Chuck E. Cheese, we ordered our delicious pepperoni pizza and salad bar, which is really tasty by the way, and then found a table. Soon after we sat down with our drinks and salad, lights started flashing and music started playing. It was time for Chuck E. Cheese! Noah was so excited to see a MOUSE singing and talking to everyone. The show lasted only a few minutes, and then the curtain was drawn, and Chuck E. Cheese stayed hidden behind it until the next show. For the next several minutes, Noah looked like this:

Finally, the moment he had been patiently waiting for - Chuck E. Cheese was back! Ryan ran Noah up to the front so that he could see Chuck E. Cheese close up. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry. I took them with the camera in my phone.

As soon as Ryan brough Noah close to Chuck E. Cheese, he ended up being a little scared of him. Noah snuggled in tight and watched his new mouse friend out of the corner of his eye.

Before we knew it, Chuck was gone again. We took Noah back to our table, where he proceeded to say, "Mouse! Mouse!" over and over again. Ryan and I tried to explain that Chuck E. Cheese was taking a nap, but Noah wanted that poor mouse to come perform again immediately. For the next several minutes, this is what Noah looked like:

Thank goodness our pizza arrived because I was starving Noah could stare, patiently waiting for Chuck E. Cheese, while I shoved bite after bite of pizza, raisins, and tomatoes in his mouth. Eventually, Chuck E. came out, and Noah once again hid a little bit behind Ryan.

After finishing our dinner, it was time for some games. We have purposefully never let Noah on any of the rides at the mall, grocery store, etc., knowing that as soon as we do, it will be all that he wants to do. The kid has a great memory! With our 20 tokens, Noah rode ride after ride and played game after game.

Hanging out with Barney

Hanging out with his favorite - MOUSE!

icking a soccer ball, hoping to win some tickets

Noah's favorite - racing a car with Daddy!

Noah pounding the animals with a mallet

I went to the prize area to pick out something for Noah while Ryan took him to see Chuck E. Cheese one more time before we had to go home. Why is there only ever one person stationed at the prize section? Seriously, I think there has to be a more efficient, more practical way to get your prize than just waiting and hoping that the employee behind the counter will randomly pick you! After choosing a twirly straw for Noah to use at home, we were out the door. As soon as we put Noah in his car seat, the crying began - "Mouse! MOUSE!" PEEZ...MOUSE!!!" This continued for the entire ride home. As frustrated as I wanted to get with Noah for whining and crying after we spoiled him with a fun night, I reminded him to say nice things and to sit quietly. Of course that never works, so we just tried to tune it out so that we could give him a quick bath and put him to bed once we got home. The evening was a HUGE success, and I am already looking forward to taking Noah back again soon.

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Mindi said...

Amy-i am with you on CEC pizza. Most people think it's gross, and definitely don't go there for the food...but i love their pizza. But then again, i love most pizza!

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