We Heart the Colts

Last night Ryan, Noah, and I stayed home to watch the Superbowl. We had a few invites from friends to go watch it at their houses, but we had a really busy weekend, and Noah was getting sick toward the end of the weekend, too. Although it was just the three of us, we really had a great time watching the game together! Noah never watches TV - unless he is sick. Then, he can make it for about 15 minutes. We were so surprised when Noah actually watched the entire first quarter with us!

Mommy & Noah dressed up for Colts vs. NY Jets game

Enjoying some Arni's pizza and some Cheerios during the 1st quarter

More pizza and Cheerios

Our eyes glued to the screen!

Daddy and Noah in awe of two great NFL teams!

Would you believe Noah took this picture all on his own?

Snuggle time with Kya!

I love my family.

I know in the end the Colts didn't bring home a win, but we still love our team! I love living in a city where everyone gets so excited to watch the Colts play. Wearing jeans and Colts' jerseys to work on Fridays is wonderful, too! I'm already excited for next season to come so that we can see that sea of blue once again!

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