President's Day Makeover

Do you ever have those days where you start with one small project and end up creating a HUGE project out of it? You know, like when you want to reorganize your child's toy room, and you end up getting out the paint, installing new shelves, and completely reorganizing a closet. Well, if you've ever had that experience, then you know exactly what happened at our house yesterday.

Ryan doesn't exactly love doing projects around the house. He is great at helping clean up (i.e., dishes, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc.) He just does like painting, putting in shelves, or anything of the like. Sometimes I have to "trick" him into helping me, and other times it just sort of happens without either one of us seeing it coming. This is what happened on President's Day.

Ryan had the day off work, so Noah and I were enjoying the extra time with him! His toy room has been a complete disaster for about a month, toys just laying out everywhere along the walls. I needed a way to contain all of them in order to make it look neat and organized again. I thought about buying some new shelves with canvas containers when I remembered having two "L" shelves in a closet that already had four canvas containers. We had originally used them for our DVD player, receiver, and other TV equipment. However, we really wanted a cabinet for those things, and once we found one, the L shelves were moved into a closet, where we decided to keep our DVDs in canvas containers. We own so many movies, and the containers were starting to overflow. I thought the L shelves would look great in Noah's room! So, my small project of reorganizing Noah's room quickly turned into gutting a closet in our eat in kitchen area.

I'm really happy with the final result! What do you think? Noah loves being able to climb on them so that he can peek over our half wall while saying, "I see you! I see you, Mommy!" It's adorable!

Noah's puzzles, some play food, and some old dolls

The cubes each contain toys from certain categories: tools, cars, books, and miscellaneous

The right side holds Noah's musical toys

I feel like I can breathe again in this room now! And the only thing we had to buy was one canvas container, so our total project cost was $7. After finishing that small project, it was onto the next one. Stay tuned for my next blog about our President's Day Makeover - Part II.

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