President's Day Makeover - Part II

Yesterday I wrote about reorganizing Noah's playroom, and I promised to write about how that little project turned into a full closet makeover. Once we removed those L shelves from the closet and cleaned out the clutter, I was disgusted by how many scuff marks were all over walls in the closet. I know it's just a closet, but it was nasty. I remembered some paint that we used to paint our hallway, as well as a different closet, and knew it would be perfect! After repainting the walls, I told Ryan about how I would LOVE to put shelves into that closet, as well as a place for my shoes. He asked me where I was thinking we could find something like that, and I said Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes. So, without hesitation, he put on some warm clothes and began to clean off our driveway. We took some measurements and were out the door, braving the third snow storm we'd had in two weeks.

We didn't have any luck at Home Depot, which wasn't a surprise because it seems like we never have luck there anymore other than with their Behr paint. We then drove to Menards and found everything we needed:

1 - 8 foot white board (to make 3 shelves, each 32" long) - $12.99
6 brackets - $7.74
2 packages of screws - $4.00
Shoe Rack - $34.99

Total Cost: $59.72

We budget $100 for house items like this each month, so we were able to stay under budget. :)

Onc we got home, I began putting together the shoe rack while Ryan cut the board into 3 shelves. We were excited to start assembling the closet when we realized that the shoe rack was not going to fit. CRAP. So, then I got busy disassembling it, doubting the possibility of my vision for that closet. Ryan thought he might be able to assemble it inside the closet, so he started to work on that project, turning the screws by hand - ouch. Sure enough, he was able to assemble the entire piece with the exception of the bottom left corner. We had to use wood glue instead of screws - my idea - and it worked just fine.

Shoe Rack - CHECK!

Next, it was time to install the shelves. Well, because I insisted on having this shoe rack at the bottom of the closet, there wasn't much room to install the brackets for the bottom shelf. This shoe rack was beginning to be our nemesis! Ryan worked on those brackets for a long time while I alphabetized our DVDs - of course I did, right? Slowly but surely, Ryan installed all three shelves. Originally we talked about putting in two more shelves, but then Ryan put the hold wire shelf back into the closet, and I thought it looked just fine. I could still stack our board games on that shelf and still have plenty of room for our DVDs. Here is the final product. Sorry I don't have a "before" picture for comparison's sake, but just take my word on it - this looks a million times better!

The closet from top to bottom

All of our board games - I love game night!

The alphabetized DVDs - LOVE it!

 The dreaded shoe rack - but doesn't it look great?

The only other things I wanted in this closet were my favorite cook books. I pondered over where I could put them and how I could make them fit. Then, a light went on, and I put then between the shoes and the DVD shelf. Now the project was complete! I am considering finding something cute and non-bulky to hang on the inside of the door so that I can store items like markers, crayons, paper, and other kid items that I don't want in Noah's playroom. We will see where that goes! It's amazing how reorganizing a closet can make the rest of your house feel so much cleaner!


Lisa B said...

It looks great!! Of course you would alphabetize your DVD's....mine usually are unless some little tiny hands take them off the shelf. Love to know where the one I want is at all times! haha

Infarrantly Creative said...

I love it! You go girl. Alphabatizing? Now that is an Abell touch for sure...haha.

amber said...

I LOVE it! Great job! My question...when can we have a game night?! I'm a huge fan!

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