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When you're a kid, you think that play dates are all about you. I mean, isn't everything about you when you're kid? It's funny how much events/situations in your childhood make more sense once you are a parent. You remember things you haven't thought about in years, but this time around, you have a totally different perspective, so it's like experiencing it all over again.

This past Tuesday, I got together with my friends Jill and Leah. I went to Hanover with their husbands, and I met Jill through work and Leah through Jill. Small world, huh? Not only is the world small, but the three of us each had our first child just days apart - all boys! Leah's son, Joey, was born on May 13th, with Noah following on the 15th and Jill's son, Jake, arriving just 4 hours later on May 16th. The story would be a lot better had the three of us been in the same hospital, but we were spread across the city in different locations.

I have LOVED having two people to swap ideas, stories, and issues with as Noah has gone through the stages of infancy and his first year as a toddler. Oftentimes, we will find the boys going through the exact same issues at nearly the exact same times. It is so wonderful to be able to say, "Noah is starting to show  signs of separation anxiety. Are the boys?" In fact, I asked that exact question last week, and both Jill and Leah said that Jake and Joey were dealing with it, too. It's funny how nice affirmation from other moms can be.

Jill also recently had a little baby girl, Maggie, and Leah is due in a couple weeks with Ray. While it feels funny not having a baby, too, since we all had our sons at the same time, I know I'm just not quite ready for baby #2. In the meantime, I will get to enjoy their little ones and let the baby itch begin again. Because Maggie is still so young, we all got together at Jill and Aaron's new house. They have a full finished basement, and the boys LOVED playing with this huge playset. There were two different sections connected by a tunnel, and each section had it's own slide. Noah was in heaven! All of the boys did a great job taking turns and just playing independently so that Leah, Jill, and I could just chat. I was in need of some girl time, and knowing that Noah was having a blast made my time with the girls that much more enjoyable.

After playing downstairs for awhile, we went upstairs to have lunch. Jill is the host of all hosts, always making sure everyone is taken care of and has everything they need. She had high chairs and boosters for all of the boys and lots of food options for them, too. I filled myself to capacity with this delicious pasta and salad and had a nice gooey brownie for dessert. I know I have my weaknesses, but something I pride myself is being aware of other people's needs, feelings, etc. I like to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. I would say Jill goes beyond the my level of thoughtfulness and always goes the extra mile. We all had such a good time hanging out together!

What about Maggie? Well, all I know is that she is such a good little baby! In the four hours we were there, she didn't make a peep - not one. She snuggled with me almost the entire time we were in the basement, and I loved every second of it. One funny thing to mention was Jake's fascination with Noah's hair. You know how it stands straight up and floats back and forth like underwater plants? Well, Jake kept putting his hands through it throughout the day. It was so cute! Noah would just stand there while Jake investigated the floating hair. People have said to me, "I hope you get a good picture of his hair," to which I reply, "Every picture that I have looks like that because his hair never lays down flat."

Noah had a great day and really got along well with Joey and Jake! He was nearly asleep in the car on our way home. I think he took a big nap that afternoon, and I was able to get some work done around the house. Now that is the perfect day - one where you see your friends, your child gets to play with his buddies, and you get some alone time/work done around the house. Thanks, Leah and Jill, for the great day! I can't wait to do it again.

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