Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all had a fun time celebrating your love for each other. Being a parent has really helped me see Valentine's Day as something more than celebrating the love you have for your significant other and your girl friends. Now Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate how much I love Noah, too! Because I was reflecting on how much I love him, I was also thinking about how much I love my parents - all of them - my dad and Danette, my mom and Kent, and Gloria and John! I am the luckiest person in the world to have so many people to love.

Because it's been a tradition so far for 2010, Ryan once again got sick for this special occasion. No, I am not kidding. Noah had his first double ear infection this past week (see puffy face picture above), so we dealt with several nights of little sleep and several days of crankiness. He had a pretty nasty cold on top of it, too, which he passed onto Ryan. He has quite the head cold where at times his nose is running like crazy and the other minute it's stuffed up completely. I got a tiny tickle in my throat, which I'm sure I got because I can't help but kiss Noah - even if he is sick. His little baby kisses are too sweet to resist! In the moment, I even think to myself, "Now, Amy, if you kiss Noah, you are taking the chance of getting sick." Then, I kiss him anyway. I mean, how many more years is he going to let me kiss him smack dab on the lips anyway? :) Ahh, a mother's love. Here are some pictures of Noah enjoying his Valentine's Day presents:

A new shopping cart and dishes for his kitchen

Noah at his favorite place - the stairs

Ryan came home last Monday from work and told me that he made a list of EIGHT different things we could do for Valentine's Day. I guess he took my birthday conversation pretty seriously! Anyway, Ryan thought of so many fun ideas: go see Footloose at Beef and Boards, go to a big band dance night, and have dinner at Cobblestone Grill to name a few. Although all his options sounded awesome, I ended up really wanting to just do his last option: grab take out at Bonefish Grill and watch a Redbox at home. We had gotten some really delicious filets at Bonefish a couple weeks after Noah was born, and we thought we would recreate that dinner!
Sunday morning we decided not to go to church. With Noah just getting better and Ryan fighting his cold, we decided to keep our germs to ourselves. Ryan surprised me with some French toast for breakfast. It was delicious - meals are always better tasting when someone else makes them! The rest of the day Ryan worked hard to keep the house clean, the dishes done, and Noah happy. It was really sweet. That afternoon we exchanged gifts, which was a lot of fun. Ryan got me a subscription to Everyday Magazine, which I am SUPER excited to get in the mail! He also picked out a cute shirt for me to wear with my fun boots. Noah heard me talking about a mixing bowl with a spout, and so he picked one out for me. I love my gifts!

Love this shirt!

Can't wait to make a double layer cake with this tool!

I found a great idea for Ryan's Valentine's Day present from this blog. I didn't have a lot of extra time this week to put it together, so mine didn't turn out quite as fun as her's. However, I really do like the final product, and Ryan loved the gift!

A Year of Dates

The first page...

Example #1: February

Example #2: June

Example #3: March

Last Page - I guess great minds think alike!

We had a lot of fun with our gift exchange. We kept the limit at $50, and I think we did pretty well! It shows that you can find fun and thrifty ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Well, as Valentine's Day drew nearer, we realized that spending a bunch of money on a steak that Ryan woudl never taste was a little ridiculous. Sooo, we got some spicy Chinese food from Panda Express, guessing that if Ryan could taste anything it would be that food. Ryan put Noah to bed while I ran out to grab take out. It was SO cold, and I got our food and returned home as soon as I could. It wasn't until I put the garage door down and got inside that I realized that I forgot the movie. Oh well! Surely there would be something on TV that night, right? Well, there really wasn't, but we had fun just hanging out anyway. The day was perfect - absolutely perfect.

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