Egg in the Hole

This past weekend I tried another recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I know, I know! This is like the tenth post I've written about her, but what can I say? She's a genious! I could get lost reading her blog. Here is the recipe I made:

Egg in the Hole

1 slice of bread
1 egg
2 tablespoons of butter

1. Cut a hole into a slice of bread using a cookie cutter, the rim of a glass, etc.

2. Warm pan to medium, placing 1 tablespoon of butter in pan until melted
3. Place bread into the pan with melted butter, letting it soak for a couple minutes

4. Crack your egg and pour it into the hole of the bread - add salt and pepper
5. Let it cook until firm

6. Let the other side cook until the yolk is cooked to your desired firmness. Add salt & pepper.

You will find yourself eating a restaurant quality breakfast that has crispy, buttery goodness! Serve with fresh fruit and a tall glass of orange juice. Enjoy!


Leah said...

Love it!!!! And love your recipe posts! Keep'em coming!

fitzybelly said...

When do you add the second tablespoon of butter?

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