Snow Baby

This winter has seriously been colder than any winter I can remember! I'm sure there have been plenty of winters in the past with temperatures between 6 and 18 degrees for weeks in a row, right? Every winter I ask myself, "Why do we live in Indiana?" Every year I quickly remember all of our loved ones who live here, and the dreams of warmer climates, sandy beaches, and sunny days melt away.

Last week we got our first big snow! When I say "big" snow, I mean 5 inches. Yeah, it's pretty puny when you think about states like Montana or life in Lake Tahoe. This was Noah's first REAL experience of playing in the snow because last year he could only sit in the snow. Ryan and I were so excited to break out a sled that my Dad and Danette got Noah and have some fun!

As things like this always go, you spend 80% of the time preparing to go outside to play and 20% of the time actually playing. Fortunately, Noah's still in diapers, so we didn't have to worry about getting him all suited up only to find ourselves undressing him so that he could go to the bathroom. Finally, a plus for wearing diapers! Ryan and I broke out our old skiing and snowboarding gear, and I have to say, I was really craving those slopes again. It seems like a past life when we used to go on those adventures. Hopefully I'll get to blog about going again this winter. Anyone want to come?

Once we got outside, we plopped Noah down in the sled and pushed him down the itty bitty hill in our backyard. This sled also has a rope pull in the front of it, so Ryan pulled Noah around our yard while Kya ran circles around us. Noah LOVED it! What he did not like was the cold wind whipping his little cheeks, but even so, Noah really seems to enjoy himself.

After being pulled around the yard a few times, I decided to teach Noah one of the greatest things about being a kid - eating snow all you want without people looking at you like you're crazy! Of course I had to demonstrate how to do it, and I immediately realized that it must've been at least 4 years since I last tasted cold, delicious snow. I'm going to make it a priority to eat snow at least once every winter! Are you truly living if you're not eating snow?

Yes, that is Noah's Cozy Coupe frozen in the midst of the snowy backyard. OOPS! Can I blame that on Noah? Still too young to have to pick up his own toys? Ok, I'll take responsibility!

We were probably outside for maybe 10-15 minutes, and when we brought Noah inside, his cheeks were so perfectly pink. He seriously looks like a baby doll here!

Blog entries like this make me so glad that I started writing this blog two and a half years ago. I would never remember the details of simple days like playing the snow. I am so thankful for the time I have to document our lives, and I hope all of you enjoy it, too. I'm starting to have anywhere between 30 and 100 hits on my blog every day. When I started writing, my audience was much smaller. Now that so many people are reading my blog, I love the comments you leave and the emails I receive asking about different things I've written about at one time or another. I would love for more of you to leave comments. As we head further into 2010, are there certain things you'd like for me to write about? I'm making some changes to my blog - the name, layout, design, etc. I hope you enjoy what the future will bring!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I love Noah's pink cheeks! Danette

Amy said...

What a little cutie! I love little kids in their snowsuits. There is nothing cuter!!

BTW- How FUN that you know Stephanie. She is the best and I miss her so much. We rolled many a dice in Bunco together :) Such a great person!

Thank you for saying hi!! :)

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