Dance Party 2009

Noah LOVES music! Seriously - if we are at home, he is always begging us to turn on the radio so he can dance around. It is hysterical! I remember when we would go to church when I was pregnant, Noah would just go crazy moving around at the beginning of the service when everyone is singing worship music! I have great memories of that time in my life. Seeing Noah dance now seriously brings me more joy than you can imagine! I think today is the most fun I've ever had with him, and I can't wait till he is bigger, and we can do all sorts of things together. I have big plans for scavenger hunts, craft projects, trips to fun places, etc. I am the luckiest mom in the whole world to have Noah as my son! Thank you, Lord, for picking him just for us, as well as picking us just for him! Enjoy this video of his Dance Party 2009.



Boubon Chase Update

Well, we are less than THREE weeks away from The Bourbon Chase! It has been one heck of a journey, as we've been training and thinking about this race since May. My training has been going really well for the most part. I took about 2 1/2 weeks off when I had bursitis in my knees, and recently, Ryan had to take about 3 weeks off after injuring his foot. After my time off, I quickly was able to regain my momentum. My long runs on Saturdays were often 6 miles, or I would complete some double runs. For example, one Saturday I ran a 4 miler in the morning and 3 miles that evening. Another time I ran 5 miles in the morning and 4 miles that evening. This is to help prepare for running 3 different times in less than 24 hours. Lately, I've been dealing with some IT Band issues but am hopeful that it will subside in time for the big race. Thank goodness for some good stretches, a rolling pin being ran up and down my leg daily, Ibuprofen, and ICE. :) I am going to complete this race, even if it takes me two weeks to recover. We have worked so hard the past three months, and even more importantly, we are running for a bigger cause (see our letter below).

Hi friends and family!

As most of you know, Ryan and I are running in The Bourbon Chase, a 200 mile overnight relay race in Kentucky in just three short weeks from October 9-10th. We have been training since May and are getting more and more excited for the big race! Along with ten other people from our church who help make up our team (Green Miles), we are attempting to raise $2,000 for
Shepherd Community Center. Feel free to click the link to find out more information about their incredible organization that serves families in poverty living in the near east-side of Indianapolis. Thank you in advance for your consideration! You are welcome to donate a lump sum (e.g., $10) or donate a specific dollar amount for each mile that we run (e.g., $1 per mile). Combined, Ryan and I will be running 33.5 miles ( = $33.50). Wish us luck! For $2,000, Shepherd Community Center can:
  • stock the office for six months.
  • feed 166 kids lunch for the whole year.
  • support 2.5 families for one whole year.
  • provide 22 weeks of summer camp for kids.
  • provide safe transportation for kids for 4.5 months.give 29 kids a place to go after school for the whole year

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please email me at amyksaver @ gmail . com (minus the spaces) or leave a comment with your email address on this blog. I can then send you my address and other information.

Thank you again! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Take care,
Amy & Ryan

To start the race, they will release about 7-10 teams every 15 minutes on Friday, October 9th. Our team begins the race at 11:45 a.m. If everyone stays at approximately the pace they estimated, I will be running approximately:

6 miles at 5:40 p.m. (10/09)
5 miles at 5:00 a.m. (10/10)
5 miles at 2:40 p.m. (10/10).

Ryan will be running:

8 miles at 6:30 p.m. (10/09)
6 miles at 5:50 a.m. (10/10)
4 miles at 3:30 p.m. (10/10)

The fun part is that when I am finished running, Ryan will take off next. So, I'm hoping that as I become tired at the end of my legs, knowing he is waiting for me at the exchange zone will motivate me to keep working hard! I am VERY excited about not having to run in the middle of the night. It kind of just worked out that way! We are praying for our health, safety, and endurance to complete this race, as well as the ability to raise funds that would greatly help the Shepherd Community Center. I hope to post another update before the big race! Until next time...go Green Miles!!!


Date Nights

Within the past couple of weeks, Ryan and I have gone on some really fun dates! The first one took place on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Ryan's parents had given us a giftcard to Houlihan's at Christmas time. There is one near their house, so we asked them if they would watch Noah while we had a date night! I had just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife, and since the movie came out recently, we thought it would be a perfect matinee to see that afternoon. As far as the movie goes, it was just ok. Of course the book was WAYYY better than the movie! I don't know that I've ever watched a movie that was better than the book. After the movie we went to Houlihan's. I seriously LOVE food! I love going out to eat and trying new places. After giving the menu a thorough reading and taking into account my HUGE lunch at Bub's, we decided on two side caesar salads (they were delicious) and THREE desserts. Oh my goodness! They were INCREDIBLE! Ryan and I love to order dessert first when we go out to eat, but ordering three desserts at one meal was definitely a first for us. We ordered the following:

1. Italian Style Donut Flight
2. S'mores Fondue Crock
3. Snickers Crunch Ice Cream Dome

They were SO delicious! I wish I could find pictures of them online because they were as beautiful as they were delectable. We really had a great time and were so thankful for Ryan's parents taking good care of Noah so that we could have some time together.

Our most recent date was Thursday night. After I got off work, I picked up Noah from Alissa's and drove straight to my mom's work. Fortunately, she works just down the street from our sitter. After some blood, sweat, and tears switching the car seat over to her SUV (and some help from a complete stranger), they were on their way back to my mom's, and I was headed to the dollar theatre to meet Ryan for our first flick. We decided to see Perfect Getaway at 5:30 p.m. and ended up really loving it! I love suspense movies, and I want to write more about it, but I hate to give away the ending. Go see it! After our first movie and some nachos for me, we went next door to get some sushi and fried rice. Why can't I make fried rice that delicious?! I had shrimp tempura, the only sushi I can stomach, and Ryan got Tuna Sushi...his favorite. We grabbed it "to go" and sat outside on the sidewalk for our romantic dinner for two. It was really cute! After dinner we walked over to Krispy Kreme and grabbed a few donuts for dessert. I had half of mine, and Ryan had the rest. :) We walked back to the theatre for our 8:05 p.m. movie, Funny People. We were excited about the cast: Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, etc. The movie was pretty good, but to be honest, it was pretty drawn out. Two and a half hours later, the movie was over and we were heading back home. It was a great night together! After worked we rushed down to my mom's house to pick up Noah, had dinner with her and Kent, and had a good visit with them. Again, we were really thankful for them watching Noah so that we could have some time together!

While we always miss Noah when we are away from him, it is SO good for us to have that time for just the two of us. If we're going to be good parents, we have to be a good husband and wife to each other, right? I love going on unique dates like the ones we just had! I can't wait to see what we do next.

Cozy Coupe

Ryan and I had been talking about buying Noah a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe for about a month or so. We remembered loving them when we were kids and thought Noah would probably love them, too. We like to get on Craigslist and check to see if there are any good deals on different items. You rarely ever see the Cozy Coupes on there because people snatch them so quickly! From what I hear, garage sales aren't much better because people rarely sell them. It's just one of those toys that has actually stood the test of time!

During Labor Day weekend, Ryan and I were visiting our friends, Jason and Kim, and their little boy, Chase (Ryan's God Son). We had delicious Bub's Burgers, which I didn't have to feel guilty eating since I ran 6 miles that morning! It was so great to see them again and wished we lived closer! They moved to North Carolina about 6-7 months ago. Oh well, maybe we'll be neighbors someday because I've always felt like I'm supposed to live in the Carolinas. Time will tell!

Anyway, after visiting with Jason, Kim, and Chase, Ryan and I got to go on a date (stay tuned for a future post). What date would be complete without some shopping??? I don't know how it happens, but on nearly every date we have, we end up going to the mall, Target, somewhere. We went by Target to buy Noah the Cozy Coupe, but they didn't have one...bummer! The next day, we got on Craigslist, and low and behold, a lady had just posted one! We emailed her right away, and she called back soon after. So, not only did we get the Cozy Coupe, but we saved $30 buying it used.

At first I was sad because it was pretty dirty from being outside...and a little scuffed up, as though someone had wrecked it a few times. But after giving it a good scrub with some Clorox Anywhere (Thanks, Gloria!!), she was just shining beautifully. We've been leaving it outside in our backyard anyway, so now I'm especially glad we didn't spend $55 on one. Noah loves just opening the door, closing the door, opening the gas door, closing the gas door, putting his sippy cup in the "trunk", walking backwards in the car, etc. It is one of those toys that will surely be in our family for a longgg time!


Do You See The Resemblance?

When people see our family in public, they often ask, "So who does he look like?" Seriously, we get this question nearly every single day, no matter where we go. We then explain that Noah has my hair from when I was little. He has Ryan's fair skin, and Noah got his eyes from his great grandpas. Just after telling one person, someone else will stop us and ask. So, to put the argument to rest, here is a picture of me when I was a little girl and a picture of Noah. Ryan's mom is working on getting me pictures of Ryan when he was little, and when I get one, I will post another blog with pictures of Ryan and Noah so you can compare.

So what do you think? Leave a comment...I dare you! :)

When Daddy's Away...The Kids Will Play

Summer time means sprinkler time! Ryan's sister Kelli and her family bought this Elmo sprinkler for Noah when he was still an itty bitty baby, and we finally had the chance to break it out this summer. One particular day was when Ryan was away for work, and we needed to find something fun to pass the time. We had already been playing outside for awhile because it really is Noah's absolute favorite thing to do - other than eat fruit, that is. Just imagine what he would do if he got to eat fruit outside...oh my goodness! He would be on Cloud Nine.

Although Noah was pretty unsure about the spraying water at first, he really grew to love it!
Elmo had a big hose where water came out, but he also had a little hose where just a little water sprayed out. He loved it! I love when he crouches down like this because there are so many pictures of me doing the same thing! Who am I kidding - I still sit like this. :)

We had a great time playing in the sprinkler. It's wild to think all that we'll be able to do next summer when he is two years old!


When I was a little girl, my best friend one of my babysitter's little boys. His name was Brent, and we were inseparable! We did everything together - played in the woods together, built forts together, got picked on together, got in trouble together - well, you get the picture. I love the idea of Noah's best friend being another little girl and having that kind of experience that I did. Why? Well, I don't know. It just seems like when a little girl and a little boy play together, they just balance each other out so well. They aren't too whiny, too aggressive, too sensitive, or too wild. I like balance....I thrive on balance! You can imagine how excited I am that when Noah is at the sitter, there is just one other little girl there named Evelyn. I LOVE that they are such good buddies! Alissa took them to the apple orchard last week, and she said that the two of them sat in their carseats in the backseat just giggling the entire 20 minute drive to and from the orchard. HILARIOUS! I wish I could've seen that.
While I don't have a picture from that trip, I do have one from a trip to the zoo that we took when our friends Alyssa and Bayla joined us. How cute are they side-by-side? I love just them!

Guess Who Loves Watermelon

You betcha! Noah just loves fruit in general. We seriously can't take it out of the refrigerator until he's finished eating the rest of his meal or else he will refuse to eat it. Once he sees that fruit, it's game over for his hot dog, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, vegetables, etc.

My favorite post-fruit picture of Noah ever!


Garage Makeover

If you remember, at the beginning of the summer I had all of these great plans and projects planned for our house. Putting up peg boards in our garage was one of them. We were tired of everything just sitting on the floor, taking up room. It always felt like the walls were closing in around us! In June, I went to Lowes to buy the materials for a bunch of projects. By the way, the people at Lowes were SOO helpful, which is something that I never get at Home Depot. Every time we go there, we'll ask someone a question, and they always try to find this one guy who apparently knows the answer to all questions. No one else seems to have a clue! :) Lowes, on the other hand, was just wonderful. I heard they cater to women, so maybe that is why I had such a great experience.

Back to the garage...I ended up finding the peg boards, but someone - who shall remain nameless - said that we didn't need any 1x2's to attach to the back of the boards; instead, this person said that you put the peg boards directly onto the wall. I asked, "How do you put in the hooks if there is no space between the wall and the peg board?" The question flew by the wayside, and we - I mean - I left Lowes with just the peg boards.

June turned into July, and July turned into August. Before I knew it, August became September. Ryan and I decided to go purchase the 1x2's, since that person had been incorrect in June, so we ran out to Menards Friday night after making the tent. We also picked up some edging and retaining wall materials. Of course, there was a great deal - buy 2 get 1 free! You can't pass that up when you are buying 57 edging stones and 51 retaining wall stones. :)

While Ryan took a snooze Saturday, I decided to attach the 1x2's to the peg boards since I was feeling particularly handy that day. :) I got out the electric screwdriver - or was it a drill with a screwdriver head on it? Either way, I used a power tool! I also got out the miter box, miter saw, a tape measure, and a marker, and away I went! An hour later, I had 3 peg boards framed and ready to go! When Ryan woke up, he screwed them into the wall, while I organized everything...my favorite!

Presto - Chango! We had a new garage...or at least it felt that way! It looks so much better that I just wish we would've done this 3 years ago. Oh well, we have lots of time to enjoy it now. Stay tuned for pictures of our new retaining wall and edging...

Noah's First Tent

Friday when I was at work, I was missing Ryan and Noah. I started thinking about what we could do to kick off the Labor Day weekend. Then it hit me...BUILD A TENT! Did you ever do that when you were a kid? I LOVED building tents! We would create these huge houses inside tents with lots of rooms and props. My friend Jill and I even built a tent on her bed and slept in in one night. Of course we woke up in the middle of the night buried beneath the rubble of our tent, including two plastic chairs.

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I put together a quick little tent in our living room, and Noah loved it! He would run inside it, sit next to me, and then run out. A few seconds later, he'd have a new toy in hand and would run inside to see me again. In and out...in and out! This went on for quite a while until we decided to have some dinner.We had a great time! It was the perfect way to start the holiday weekend with our family.


The Sauce You Can Have, But The Secret, She's a Mine

Don't you love that Saved By The Bell Episode?? I can seriously watch those reruns a hundred times and not get bored. Unlike Screech, you can have this PIZZA PIE recipe AND I will give the proper credits to the deserving person. When I was in high school, I played basketball for three years. Before home games we would have dinner at someone's house. I loved going to dinner at Cara Badskey's (now Cara Warren) house because her mom made these delicious pizza pies! About a year ago, I got the recipe from Cara and have been making them ever since.

I also started participating in a freezer meal group with some women from church. Once a month, we each make 6 meals, keep one for ourselves, and give the other 5 away. It's a great way to try new recipes, have convenient meals, and have easy clean up. I made the pizza pies last Spring, and they were a huge hit! I've been stocking up on all of the ingrediants the past couple months and finally had everything I needed to make the pies. You know me - I had to buy everything at ROCK BOTTOM prices. I was able to get the pepperoni for like 16 cents a pack, shredded cheese for 99 cents, etc. I'm giving you the recipe in bulk in case you'd like to make several at one time and freeze them, too, though you can easily cut it down for just one pizza pie.

The Badskey Pizza Pie
--5 lbs hamburger (or ground turkey for you health nuts)
--5 packs of shredded cheese (mozz, parm, Italian mix, whatever you'd like)
--Large can of pizza sauce (the huge kind - I buy this at Sam's club b/c it's the most cost effective)
--Pizza Toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, whatever your pleasure)
--2-3 onions (depending on your taste)
--3 Packs of Frozen Pie Shells (6 shells total)
--3 Pillsbury Pie Crust (the roll-out kind in the refridgerated section - 6 total)

1. Brown your hamburger and onion - drain grease
2. Lay out the 6 frozen pie shells
3. Place pepperoni on bottom of pie shell
4. Add 1 cup cheese on top of pepperoni
5. Add 2 cups of browned hamburger & onion and 1 1/2 cups pizza sauce in a large bowl - mix together
6. Pour mixture into pie shell
7. Add other pizza toppings (e.g., mushrooms) and more cheese
8. Place Pillsbury pie shell on top of pie
9. Seal edge and cut off excess crust
10. Cut four slivers into top of crust to allow steam to escape
11. Bake on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-45 minutes
***NOTE: If you freeze these, let thaw in your fridge for 24 hours. Then bake as directed.

Here are pictures of the process and final product!

Steps 3 through 6 are shown from right to left...

Step 7

Step 7 continued...

Steps 8 though 10

If you decide to freeze them, I like putting Cling Wrap over the pie. Then I write the name of the pie and the date on a freezer bag. I like Ziploc Double Guard best for my pies! They fit perfectly.

I hope you enjoy them! If you make these, please feel free to leave a comment letting me know how delicious yours turned out!

The Children's Museum

Soon after we got back from vacation, Jill and Jake invited Noah and me to visit the Children's Museum with them. We had never been there before and were excited to do something new! On the third floor, there is an area for little kids called "Playscape" that has several different activities for kids. One of Noah's favorites was the bridge (above). Sometimes I really want him to experience things like I do. I want to take him to each part of the area so that he doesn't miss anything. As much as that works for me, I know that he needs to be able to experience things at his own pace. Kids his age want to do things over and over again so that they can master whatever they are trying to do; plus, they feel good about themselves when they can do something independently. So, when Noah wanted to walk across the bridge 25 times, that's exactly what he did. :)

Next he moved onto the little playhouse area. Because we got there right when the museum opened, there were hardly any other kids around, which is always a bonus! He liked playing with the sink and refrigerator, putting the food and dishes from one into the other. Jake was really great about helping with the yard work while Noah tried to get dinner ready for the family. He was thankful that Jake was helping mow the yard but just couldn't understand why he brought that mower into the house...haha! :)

Next up...we were back to another bridge! There is a little area devoted just to kids under 2 years old. Again, back and forth he went!

Next up was the water table! How cute is that little apron? It's funny to see him putting that duck in his mouth. We don't have too many issues anymore with putting everything in his mouth, which is so nice! He splashed around for awhile, and then it was time to move on to...

...the tree house! Climb, climb, climb he went. Noah loved going down the slide and usually wanted to walk back up the slide. We're working on that!

Soon after playing in the tree house, Noah and Jake took a ride on the raft across the river. Seriously, how cute are these boys?! I can't get over them in their little polo shirts, blond hair, and fair skin...too adorable!

Next, it was time to leave Playscape and grab a quick snack. Do you know how impossible it is to get these guys to both look at the camera at the same time? There was some serious Goldfish eating going on!
Noah then got to take his first ride on a carousel. We chose a big tall giraffe and got all buckled into it. Then we waited and waited...and waited a bit long. Waiting is always longer when you have a 12 month old with you! :) Finally, the music started and around we went. Noah seemed to like waving to the people watching the most.
We had tea with the Three Bears...(can you tell Noah is fading fast in this picture?)

Then we went for a walk through the hallway of mirrors. I can't remember if it was this trip or the following trip to the Children's Museum, but Noah ran straight into one of the mirrors and fell straight backward. It was seriously like a comedy sketch! Fortunately, he was not seriously hurt. :)

This picture was TOO FUNNY not to include. It looks like he a little tap dance...maybe the buffalo (What do you think, Abigail?). :) He takes after his mommy!

Soon after we took the boys to get some lunch. I love the one restaurant area where you can choose 3-4 different options for kids, so I picked out some chicken, mandarin oranges, hot dogs, and cottage cheese for Noah. It was his first time trying cottage cheese, and without much surprise, he HATED it. Oh well, maybe next time!

The last thing we did was visit the trains. Noah was so sleepy at this point (can you tell?), but he was a trooper! Jake and Noah got along great...mostly playing by themselves but following each other around from time to time. It was really fun to hang out with Jill again, too. With all the time at home this summer and now working part time, I don't want to get in a rut, doing the same things all the time. I really want to take advantage of the time I am off work and do fun things with Noah but also am realistic about needing to get things done here at home.
The past two days have been pretty carefree, which is why I was finally able to catch up on some blogs. I hope you have enjoyed the new pictures and stories. Feel free to leave comments anytime!
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