Super Mom

I really do feel like Super Mom today! All too often, I put off shopping trips until Ryan gets off work so that I can shop stress-free. Noah went to bed at 7:30 last night and didn't wake up until 8:45 this morning. I know, I know - I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have a son who sleeps so well! Maybe it was the extra sleep we both got last night. Maybe it was a moment of insanity. I don't know! Regardless, after having some breakfast, Noah and I left the house on what turned out to be a 4 hour shopping trip around Johnson County.

First, we drove to Franklin to make a return at my very favorite toy store in the world: Imagination Station. The website just doesn't do the actual store justice. They have the most fun, unique toys, and many of them are set up around the store for kids to play with while the adults shop. At the front of the store, there is this wooden chalet dollhouse, and Noah loves it! So, while I was returning some blocks we bought a month ago, he kept himself busy with the people and furniture. I was so tempted to buy this Melissa and Doug Wooden Mailbox, but I walked away before I could pay for it. Are you seeing a theme? I LOVE wooden toys! After playing with several toys throughout the store, Noah and I left with just one minor tantrum as we walked out the door. They keep that dollhouse right by the front door, and he was so sad that I wouldn't let him play with it again before we left. Oh well! We had more places to stop before going home.

Next we ran to Target to pick up some items for all of our upcoming Christmas celebrations. My goal was to have everything I needed for all four celebrations - that's right - FOUR. :) Toward the end of our Target excursion, I decided to push the envelope a little further and go to Marsh, too. I ended up doing LOTS of shopping at Marsh. They are having such great deals on meat this week, so I couldn't resist:

2 Ham Shanks - 67 cents/lb. (I use this for lots of soups & casseroles and freeze them)
1 English Roast - $1.98/lb. (I'll make a big batch of vegetable beef soup and freeze it)

I also bought a Bonless Ham because the price was down to $1.98/lb. Did you know you can take these hams to the butcher or deli counter and ask them to slice it down for sandwich meat? I LOVE fresh deli ham and turkey, but I hate spending $5.00-$7.00 a pound for just lunchmeat. I was able to take an 8 lb. boneless ham to the deli counter and have them slice it very thin while I did the rest of my shopping. Then, once I got home, I split the ham into seven different freezer ziploc bags. I'll put the extra pound in my refrigerator to use now, and I will then have at least 8 weeks worth of deli meat. It cost me $15 up front, but I would've paid around $48 if I bought one pound of ham each week. This is an easy way to save your family money!

Here are more pictures from our shopping trip:

Some highlights include bread for Ryan's Mama's dressing, ingrediants for meatballs and Chex Mix...

Lots of canned veggies for beef vegetable soup and green bean casserole...

Apples for homemade pies, fruit for Noah, cider for sipping (and maybe our Christmas Turkey)...

Noah only had one meltdown in Marsh toward the end of our trip. It was way past time for lunch, and we were starting to move into his nap time. So, I picked him up and carried him around singing Jesus Messiah, one of his favorite songs, and he calmed right down. It was a really precious moment!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love saving money on groceries. I have a confession to make - I did NOT use one single coupon on these shopping trips! GASP! I know!!! It honestly hurt my heart a little, but we only spent $230 last month, so we had an extra $70 this month. I spent about $130 today on groceries, so I'll still be in ok shape to stay within our budget this month. I bought several items that were on sale, but sometimes for holidays, you just have to spend a little extra in order to make recipes that you usually don't make. I LOVE cooking for people, and I'm really excited to try some new recipes this year. Stay tuned because I'm sure I'll be blogging about them, too.

And Noah...well, once we got home, he was apparently starving! He had a hot dog, corn, a banana, some watermelon, Goldfish crackers, and Cheerios. I KNOW! He just kept begging for "More, more, more please!" After licking his highchair's tray clean, I took him right upstairs and put him to bed. He's been sleeping for about an hour, and it has been wonderful. Maybe I'll even catch a quick nap before he wakes up. Tonight I'm planning to start the dressing and make the Chex Mix. We get to celebrate Christmas tomorrow with my mom, Kent, Uncle Tom, my brother, and Kristen. I can't wait!!!


hoosiercarlene said...

I ran across your blog after you posted your comment about Natalie's little boy and the red hot nose incident. I loved reading your blog and look forward to reading more. What a bargain shopper you are. I think that is one of the things I can take pride in where my girls are concerned. I always taught them how to shop smart.

Leah said...

Holy cow woman! That's impressive!

Infarrantly Creative said...

That chalet is pretty cute! I still have yet to go there...can you believe it?

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