Christmas Tour - Part II

After leaving Mom and Kent's house, Noah and I drove back home for a quick stop. I needed to make Noah a quick dinner and check a few things before our Christmas Tour - Part II began. While he munched on some chicken nuggets, corn, fruit, and Goldfish crackers, I worked on getting our house ready for Ryan's family to come over after our Saturday night Christmas service. Once the meatballs were in the crockpot ready to go, and the house was picked up, we were back out the door to meet Ryan's family at church. Noah loves the music so much, so I wanted to take him for that part of the service before he would be ready to go to bed. We would be back to church the next morning for the whole service anyway!

Ryan's parents had been in Bloomington visiting his aunt's family, so making a stop at our church was right on the way. Kelli, Joel, and the kids made a special trip down to see our Christmas service and to spend time with us. We were really excited because Joel is a music minister and is therefore always working during church. Kel and the kids had come down before, and we always have a great time with them, too! Noah loves his "tuzzins!"

Just as Noah and I pulled into the church and were walking to the front door, we saw Kelli's family pulling into their parking spot. We walked in together and joined John and Gloria inside. The band opened with a very wild version of "Drummer Boy" (click to view a video of the version we did). It was quite the attention getter to say the least! The rest of the music that followed was incredible. Before the service began, it was time for Noah and me to head out to prepare the rest of the food for everyone to come over after church.

Here are just a few of the yummy delights we ate that evening: sugar cookies, homemade chex mix (in the tin), and peppermint malt balls. I had meatballs, another dutch applie pie, hot apple cider, and coffee for everyone, too.

Rather than put Noah to bed at his normal bedtime, I decided he would probably love to stay up to play with his tuzzins! The picture above is one that Kelli snapped with her phone. I don't know what we'd do without that slide (thanks, Beckie!!). We had a great visit with everyone for about an hour or so, and then they had to head back to the northside to get ready for their church service the next morning.

Here is a great picture of Ryan and Noah playing cleaning up the toy room after our guests had left. Noah crashed in about 1 minute that night, and Ryan and I sunk into the couch, dreaming of the next stop on our Christmas Tour...

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