Christmas Break Adventures

I absolutely love being a school psychologist! Not only do I get to do something I LOVE, but I only have to work during the school year. I know - the majority of you are gritting your teeth right now because you don't have the luxury of Spring Break, Summer Break, Christmas Break, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, 2 hour delays, and snow days. I know, I know...but we are all responsible for our own choices, remember? :)

Anyway, back to Christmas Break. Because I work part-time, I will almost have exactly 3 weeks off work over break. Break couldn't have come at a better time - remember the stomach flu? Well, ever since Noah has recovered from that, it's like we hit a Reset Button. You know, when your child is going through a phase where he or she is throwing fits, saying no, or talking back, and then he or she gets sick. After surviving the illness, your child is back to behaving like the wonderful little person you are trying to raise him/her to be. That's what I call "The Reset Button." Noah has absolutely been the most fun he has ever been since being sick, and I am SO thankful that I have a job that didn't make me miss it. I love this kid!

My friend Jill is also a school psychologist, and her son Jake was born a few hours after Noah - remember Cape San Blas? Well, we decided to take the boys to the Children's Museum earlier this week, and we had a blast! I wish I had a picture of the first thing we did because it was probably one of our favorites. We went up to the second floor and waited in line for a bit, feeding the boys Goldfish crackers to keep them happy in their strollers. After about 15 minutes or so, we were at the front of the line for the BIG Winter Wonderland Slide that stretched from the 2nd floor down to the first floor. Noah sat on my lap, and Jill and Jake were right next to us. We went downnnn the big slide, and Noah smiled the whole way! When we reached the bottom, Jake bolted back to the slide and attempted to climb back up it (who could blame him?), and Noah cried because the fun was over. Ahh...you have to love one year olds. Here is the rest of our day in pictures...

We went insde Jolly Day, where Noah spent a lot of time in this area designed specifically for children under 2 years old. He walked over this bridge again and again and threw balls out the little window behind him. A poor girl dressed up like an elf had to keep retrieving them because Noah was having a hard time hearing the word, "No," at that time. :)

Next he climbed some steps and went up into an ice castle. I'm still not 100% comfortable when I can't see Noah while we're out and about. He was tucked back into a tiny corner, and I really had to talk myself out of climbing into the castle to retrieve him. I found him like this (above) on multiple occasions, and we played peek-a-boo over the wall next to him. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Noah came to the steps and climbed out of the ice castle.

After a little more time at Jolly Days, we left the second floor and made our way to Playscapes on the 3rd floor. Noah played in the water table for a bit and then immediately bee-lined his way to the play kitchen area. Seeing how much he still enjoyed it made me cross my fingers that Santa would bring him a kitchen play set for Christmas!

Noah broke a little girl's heart (probably won't be the last time) by climbing into this little baby crib. She really wanted to put her baby doll in there, but Noah thought it was hilarious that he fit it just right.

Don't you love this picture (below)? Noah finally made eye contact with the camera. I get on my own nerves saying, "Noah, look honey! Noah over here! Noah say cheese!" while we are out on an adventure. This time, he actually looked!

After playing around Playscape a bit longer, two employees put on a fun musical show for the kids. We sang Old McDonald, Hokey Pokey, etc. while the kids did motions, made animal sounds, and played their instruments. Isn't this a great picture of Jill and Jake?

Here's Noah with his little jingle bells. He loved listening to the music!

Soon after the music show ended, we made our way to the first floor to have lunch. Let me just say that I think every single parent, grandparent, aunt, and uncle were present at the museum that day! You can only imagine the number of kids and adults making their way through the jam-packed commons area. Chairs were falling over, people were dropping food off trays left and right, kids were getting yelled at, adults were losing their cool quickly. Thank goodness we quickly found a table and enjoyed a nice, quiet, relaxing lunch. We just couldn't look at anything or anyone around us, or we immediately saw complete chaos. Isn't this a great shot of the boys? They were just holding hands and swinging them around!

Next up after lunch, we went to visit the trains! Noah has a slight obsession with "Choo Choos" right now. We live really close to the railroad tracks, and coincidentally, I did too growing up. Noah can hear the trains coming long before Ryan or I hear them. It's pretty funny! He'll start yelling, "Choo choo! Choo choo!" We'll say, "No, buddy, I don't hear a train," and before you know it, we'll hear the whistle blow! His eyes get as wide as silver dollars, his arms go up, and he's begging, "Peas, peas!!" to take him outside. Now who can resist that?

This is Noah hearing the engine whistling and "ch-ch-ch-ing" along. Isn't he captivated??

And here is another one of Noah and Jake both watching the trains go by in the little town.

I took three pictures of the boys sitting on this little bench, and for all our effort, this is the best we got! It's still pretty cute if I do say so myself.

You guessed it - more trains!

By about 1:30 p.m., it was time to go home. The boys were phenomenal all day long and got along great. We loaded them up into Jill's van, popped some pacifiers in their mouths, and played Jake's special CD with some really soft music to help them wind down. It didn't take more than 3 minutes, and they were both asleep. Our trip to the Children's Museum was a huge success! The boys were happy, and Jill and I were able to get some girl time in over our Christmas Break, too. Now that's a good day!

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