Tim & Ronda cracking us up!

The teens leading a sing & dance-a-long

We've been attending Emmanuel Church of Greenwood for about 2 1/2 years now, but this was our first time participating in Trunk-N-Treat. This is just an extra Halloween event that allows kids to dress up one extra time to go treat-or-treating. It's also an opportunity to invite other people who don't attend our church to visit and do something fun with their families.

Daddy & Noah watching the festivities

Mommy & Noah having a dance party!

After registering inside the newly refurbished children's wing, Ryan, Noah, and I went to the auditorium where some of the adult staff members were putting on a fun show for the kids! Our friend Tim was hilarious on stage!! Then some of the teenagers led everyone in some singing and dancing. I felt like I was in one of those made-for-kids educational programs. Noah was CRACKING UP and loved dancing with me (surprise!).

Meaghan & Noah - She takes care of Noah every Sunday!

Noah and Evelyn - Best Buddies

After the program was over, everyone went outside where dozens of cars were lined up with their trunks decorated in various themes. Kids and their parents lined up for trick-or-treating. We took Noah around to see each of the trunks and visited with friends along the way. We didn't collect any candy - we just didn't feel right doing that when we're not going to let him eat any of it. I mean, he's only 18 months old! :) It got pretty chilly, so we stayed just long enough to make our rounds and visit for awhile with some friends and family. We had a great time, and I'm sure it will become part of our Halloween tradition for years to come.

Snacking on some teddy grahams on our way out

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