Some of you know this about me, but many of you probably don't. I LOVE TRADITIONS!!! Seriously, I will create a tradition just for the sake of creating one. It can be BIG, or it can be small. I don't care either way, as long as it's fun! Awhile back my friend, Amanda, told us about this little tradition she does with a Christmas Elf each year. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the elf starts doing mischievous things around the house while the kids are asleep. Then, when they wake up, they will find that silly things have happened (e.g., lining up all of the stuffed animal through the house). There was probably more to her story, but that is what stuck with me.

Recently, my friend Dalia sent an email about Jingles the Elf, and I remembered Amanda's tradition with her kids. She is a consultant for Bumble Bees, a cute company with lots of fun items for kids. The description of Jingles the Elf says:

"Jingles The Elf" is a charming tale of a jolly little elf that magically appears on the first day of December, to embark upon a delightful adventure. After Jingles' silly mishap at the toy factory with the "Magical Copying Machine," Santa decided to send each little Jingles out on a special mission! Equipped with a magical bell to report back to Santa, Jingles is sent out to the special boy or girl to whom he was assigned. Every night, this playful elf will hide someplace new and wait anxiously to be found in the morning! This thrilling hide and seek adventure continues until Santa picks up Jingles on Christmas Eve and takes him back to the North Pole. Also included is a family fun section with activites and recipies sure to delight children of all ages!Written with a rhythmical flair this innovative tale is sure to capture the hearts of all who turn it's pages. Jingles will return to his special child year after year!

Because I love creating new traditions, I thought this would be the perfect tradition to start this Christmas. When I was a kid, I remember hearing about the Naughty & Nice List, and even though I knew I was always naughty, I still got gifts. This is true for most kids, and to this day, I have only heard one story where a kid actually got nothing but COAL from Santa one year. I really like the idea that there is an elf watching over Noah to report back to Santa. It just gives a good visual reminder to behave and obey your parents. Plus, I'm going to piggy back on Amanda's idea and hide Jingles in different places around the house so that Noah can find him. We'll plot little mischievous activities for Jingles to do at night, too. I am so excited!

I met Dalia yesterday evening to pick up the package. I really am pleased with the quality! The box where you store the book and Jingles the Elf is very sturdy, so I'm confident that it will stand the test of time. The story has really cute illustrations, too. In the back of the book, there are some additional activities including a story about how Jingles came to have this job, a cocoa recipe, ideas about how you can help and give to others, crafts, and reading activities. If any of you are interested in purchasing one, please let me know, and I will get in touch with Dalia! You can always order it online, but if you are in the Indy area, going directly through Dalia will save you money in shipping. :)

I can't wait to start our new tradition on December 1st!! I'll be sure to blog about our adventures with Jingles the Elf!

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Amanda said...

I have a little boy in my class that does this!! His parents hide "Cleo the Elf" in a new spot every night- he loves coming in and telling everyone where the elf was hiding!!!

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