Bone Marrow Registry

So often during this time of year, many of us begin thinking less about ourselves...and more about others. This past weekend, I was inspired by a young man to get my name and information submitted to the bone marrow registry. I had always wondered how to do this, and when I realized how quick and easy it was, I wanted to share the good news! If you are interested, just follow these steps:

1. Go to http://www.marrow.org/
2. Read about the FAQs (if desired)
3. Read about the Myths vs. Facts (if desired)
4. Join the registry here

After completing the information online (takes about 10 minutes), they will send you a "kit" that contains 4 Q-Tips. All you do is swab your inner cheek, insert them into a piece of foam, and mail the prepaid envelope. After registering, I received my kit in 4 days and put it in the mail the following day.

What an awesome (and easy) way to give the gift of life!

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