A Pumpkin Carvin' Good Time

Last Halloween Noah was too young to care much about pumpkins, and to be perfectly honest, I don't even think Ryan or I thought about carving one. However, this year is a different story! We wanted to participate in all Halloween festivities, so a pumpkin carving had to be done. My dad and Danette took Noah to the pumpkin patch (see above) while we were away at the Bourbon Chase. He picked out a PERFECT pumpkin, and I couldn't wait to carve it!
We started out with Noah in his high chair. I just love this picture of Noah looking up at Ryan. It's the classic son looking up to his father picture. Gets me every time!

Once Ryan cut off the pumpkin stem, Noah was ready to get his hands dirty! I was surprised at how well he actually cleaned out the pumpkin seeds and goo. Of course we had to have Charlie Brown on in the background!

We moved the carving party to the floor, and Noah continued to help clean out the pumpkin. Before we had gotten started, Ryan bought a great pumpkin carving kit for us to use. Although it might be surprising to some, I had never used a carving tool set before! We were old fashioned, I guess, just using my good steak knives! Now I understand how people can carve out elaborate designs...these little knives are the key! As much as I wanted to carve a Twilight-themed pumpkin, I didn't feel like it was fair since the pumpkin was technically Noah's. :) So, Ryan picked out a fun haunted house & ghost stencil. We were really happy with how it turned out!


Mandy said...

So cute Amy!!

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin looks like it turned out great!! Noah looks so adorable in his Halloween costume - you caught some great photos of him with some precious looks on his face!! He is so expressive with those eyes!! We both had a great big "awe" when looking at the pictures. We miss him and are looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Love, Dad and Danette

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