New Moon

Last year my sister-in-law, Kelli, told me about Twilight and told me that I would love the books. SHE WAS NOT KIDDING! I, like so many millions of other people, loved the books and finished them in just 3 weeks. I have never felt so addicted to anything in my life. Stephenie Meyer provided the most fun stories, and I just could not put them down. I remember finishing the second book, looking at Ryan, and saying, "Oh my gosh! I am dying to start the third book. Target closes in 9 minutes. Should I go??" He was like, "Just do it!" So, I ran out the door, drove like a wild person to Target, grabbed Eclipse, jumped in the car, and proceeded to read for another 3-4 hours. They just provided such an exciting escape, and I was entertained in a book like never before as I found myself immersed in Forks, Washington with all my new friends. :)

About a year ago, the Twilight movie was released, and of course I had to go see it with Kelli, the one who started my addiction! The second the movie ended, I began to look forward to seeing the next installation, New Moon. After what seemed like a lifetime, lots of hype, and of course re-reading New Moon, the big premiere was Friday at 12:01 a.m. That's right - we got tickets for a midnight premiere, something I had never done before. All week Ryan was so awesome, supporting my addiction everyway he knew how. For example, on Tuesday night I came home from having dinner with my friend Alyssa, and he had three packages wrapped on the kitchen table just waiting for me. He had drawn these really fun pictures of wolves, vampire teeth, blood (of course), etc. It was really sweet! I opened the packages to find these KILLER heels! I mean, I honestly felt like a true Cullen wearing them. He also spoiled me with a new vampire t-shirt and a cute red, black, and grey sweater that sparkled like vampires in the sunlight. :) Is he the greatest or what??

We tried to find some friends to go see the movie with us, but people were either not up for seeing a movie at midnight (I don't know what the big deal was - just kidding!), the husbands weren't "into it" (hello, it's called doing something special for your wife!), or they didn't know anything about the books. Despite it just being the two of us (again, I have the best husband for taking me!!!), we had a fabulous time! When I got home from work that day, Ryan had Twilight playing on our TV, and the soundtrack was playing in the background. Wasn't that so thoughtful?? My mom picked up Noah after she got off work on and took him back to her place for the night. Ryan and I left shortly after that to have dinner at BJ's Brewhouse. We had some delicious mozzarella sticks, deep dish pizza, and a breaded cheeseburger with thin, crispy fries. YUM!! We ate to our hearts' content, and then walked over to the mall.

We kind of got lucky at the mall because Macy's did not close until 10 p.m. due to holiday hours. So, we walked around the mall for about an hour. I had had a pretty rough day that day, so when we found some chairs with those massage pads on them, we knew we hit the jackpot. Getting a free massage on a $350 piece of equipment was just the ticket to make all the stress melt away. I stood up feeling like a new person. We left the mall and drove to the theatre, not sure what to expect at 10 p.m. on such a big premiere night. This is Ryan being "stressed out" in the car before walking into the theatre. :)

Since we had already picked up our tickets before dinner, we walked right in without any trouble. They had opened about six theatres at that time, and we easily found some awesome seats in Theatre #11. It was 10 o' clock, so it was time to figure out how we were going to spend the next two hours. Much to Ryan's annoyance (though he was a great sport!), I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a picture of us at the theatre. Some teenage girls in front of us snapped a quick photo. Didn't it turn out great??

Yes, that is a Forks t-shirt you see me wearing! My friend, Amanda, spoiled me on her trip to Washington by surprising me with this fun shirt. I love it...it's so soft because it's made from bamboo. THANKS AGAIN, AMANDA!! We played a round of Brick Breaker on Ryan's Blackberry, and then he gave me trivia questions about New Moon. I made small talk with some 19 year old girls from Martinsville while Ryan BRAVELY went to get us something to drink. He said there were lines at every single register, and they went all the way back to the doors. He sent me a text saying, "I am so mad at your right now...everyone out here is 14, and they're talking about Jacob not wearing a shirt!" It was hysterical!! After about 25 minutes, Ryan finally returned with our drinks. What seemed like just a few moments later, the movie finally began!

Sorry to skip ahead, but there is no way I can spoil any of the movie for people reading my blog. I will just say that I LOVED LOVED LOVED New Moon!! It was fantastic from beginning to end, and I walked out of the theatre with the biggest smile on my face. They had sold out 13 of their theatres, and below you can see the stream of people trying to walk out of the theatre. Ryan and I both worked the next day after sleeping from 3-7:30 a.m.

We had an awesome time together, and now it's time to wait as patiently as possible for June 30, 2010 when Eclipse is released. I think we'll have to do another midnight premiere...it was definitely worth it!

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Lisa B said...

The Lord has totally blessed you and Noah with an amazing husband and father!! Way to go Ryan!!

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