John's 60th Birthday

On Saturday, November 7th, Ryan, Noah, and I drove up to the northside of Indy to SURPRISE Ryan's dad, John, for his 60th birthday! Gloria (Ryan's mom) had organized the fun celebration at Hollyhock Hill. When I was little, my grandparents would often have our Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations at this restaurant. They make really good "down home cookin'," and everything is served family style. I probably haven't been there in over 15 years, and I was excited to taste their delicious food again! Although Gloria tried to keep John from guessing what they were doing that evening to celebrate, I'm pretty sure he figured it out! Ryan's sister (Kelli), her husband (Joel), and their little girl (Madyson) were all there to celebrate, too. Mikayla and Micah, their other children, were both sick at home and missed the festivities. I think Noah had enough for all the kids (see below).

Dinner was fabulous! Even after all of those years, the food hasn't changed a bit. The appetizers consisted of salad, a veggie tray, cottage cheese and pickled beets (which I think are scary, but Noah apparently loves them!). The main course was fried chicken & shrimp, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, and rolls. As if that weren't enough, we also had vanilla ice cream with a variety of sundae toppings. I had mint and chocolate, and it was divine!

What is it about balloons that makes kids so happy?? Noah was entertained for quite some time after dinner just playing in the balloons, which was nice so that I could finish eating my food. After dinner, John opened his gifts from the kids (us). We got him a bunch of running gear (see below), and he loved it! John runs about 3 times a week and is in great shape. We recently ran a race with him in Carmel, and I honestly felt like he was going to run laps around me. Oh wait, he did run laps around me. :)

Noah just loves his Mama and Papa. Noah was carrying around this wet washcloth after dinner (they give really warm washcloths to clean up your hands and face), but his Mama didn't seem to mind!

Here's Noah posing with his Papa and his favorite cousin Mady...and the washcloth made an appearance again, too. :) Mady is so sweet with Noah, and he just watches her and smiles at her and just adores her!

Happy birthday, John! You truly are a wonderful man, and I know Ryan admires you more than you will ever know. Thank you for raising your son to be a man of integrity who loves God! Noah and I are blessed every single day by the legacy you have passed on through him.

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