Good Talking!!

In an attempt to lessen Noah's whining and "uh-uh-uh"-ing, I am finding myself saying "Use your words, Noah" and "Good talking!" when he finally speaks to me to let me know what he wants or needs. He has his 18 month checkup coming up, and I know Dr. Gloyeske will ask me how his language is progressing. So, just for the fun of it, I decided to write down the words Noah is currently saying. I'm also attaching pictures of Noah doing some of his very favorite things. Walking around in Ryan's or my shoes, for example, is already one of his favorite pasttimes.

Names: Mommy, Daddy, Kya, Nana, Papa, Mama, Dalia, Meaghan

Phrases: "Bye bye!", "Hi!", "Bad Boy", "No Touch", "You're welcome", "Get Back!"

Objects: Chicken, Cracker, Cheerio, Bear, Book, Ball, Puppy, Baby, Cow, Toast, Brush, Bath, Poop, Peas, Pee, Chair, Mail, Juice, Guitar, Towel, & Bubble

Adjectives: Hot, Cold, Yellow

Words to Express Needs/Wants: Help, Please, More, Bite, No, Yeah, & Turn

Two Cutest Words: Pray (Pay) & Amen (Mee-Meen)

Word/Phrase with Unknown Meaning: "OH-Ba-DIE"

(seriously, Noah says this 500 times a day, but we have no clue what he is trying to say. He seems to be saying "I want that" because he is always pointing to an object when he says it, but "Oh-Ba-Die" sounds nothing like "I want that," so who knows! :)

If you count all of them, you'll see that Noah is saying 50 words!!! Had I not written them down, I would never have guessed he was saying that many words. Noah is still using some sign language, mostly for "please," "thank you," and "more", The others have gone by the way-side. Actually, now that he is saying please more consistently, I'm noticing that he is signing it less and less in just the past couple of days.

In my job, I often do interviews with parents in order to obtain information about their child's adaptive functioning (i.e., how well he or she functions independently throughout the day in comparison to same age peers). One of the questions I ask is "Does your child say at least 50 words?" Sometimes I honestly have parents who say no to this question. Knowing that Noah already at 18 months old is saying 50 words really puts that into perspective for me. Ever since I started working with kids who are struggling in school and sometimes have developmental issues, I have realy lost touch with what "typical" development looks like. God has really blessed Ryan and me with a healthy, typical child, and I am grateful for that every single day.

If we ever figure out what "Oh-ba-die" means, I will let you know! In the meantime, if you have any ideas, feel free to pass them along.

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The Deaton Family said...

Maybe he's saying "oh, baby!", or has he heard the song Obladi oblada by the Beatles?

Alex one day was leaving daycare, and he was playing with this little girl. I told him to say bye, and he said "bye-bye bay-bay!" like he was her bf! It was hysterical! All the teachers were laughing. Boys say the silliest things! Last night he finally put together a sentence! He said "mo bapples peece" AKA "more apples, please". Incredible!

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