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When we bought our Indy Zoo membership in May, we were really excited about taking Noah to Zoo Boo in the Fall. I feel like I blinked my eyes, and Halloween season was here! We put off buying a costume for Noah. I'm just really picky, and yet, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. We still aren't even sure what we'll do on Halloween. This is my dilemma...I'd like to take him around the neighborhood because I know he would enjoy it. However, it seems strange to go up to houses saying "Trick or Treat" and collect candy that Noah will never eat. The same applies to our church's Trick or Trunk event. I think it would be fun to go, and yet, collecting candy for Noah doesn't make sense. If you have/had little ones his age, what did you do or are you doing this year?

Jill and Aaron's little boy, Jake, is Noah's age, and we hadn't all gotten together since vacation this summer. Zoo Boo seemed like the perfect time to catch up and go do something fun together! I had never been to Zoo Boo before and wasn't really sure what to expect. They decorated the zoo with various Halloween-themed items, and there was a tent with Halloween music, a bounce house, etc. There was a bit of trick or treating here and there, but nothing like I thought it would be.

So, last Saturday after Noah and Jake woke up from their naps, we packed up and headed to the zoo! It was a pretty day, sunny but brisk. Our friends, Tim and Beckie, let us borrow a really cute frog costume...I really love it! I love those big bulgy eyes and that cute little red tongue!

When we first got there, we watched the seals for a bit while one of the zoo employees talked about their care and habits. The boys seemed to really like watching them! It is amazing to see how much more engaged Noah is now at the zoo in comparison to how he was in May when we first started taking him. We went to see the sharks and then stopped by the penguins for a great photo op. Jake was in the cutest penguin costume...the body was really puffy and so adorable! Here are Jill and Jake posing with the penguins.

I was really hoping to get a shot of the boys together, and with all the penguins swimming around to distract them, it was an easy one to snap. How cute are they?!

After leaving the water animals, we went to visit the farm animals. I think Noah's favorite were the donkeys. :) There was a demonstration happening with the elephant, so we checked that out for a bit, too.

While at the elephant show, Noah spotted the carousel. My Dad and Danette took him to the Children's museum while we were competing in the Bourbon Chase, and he LOVED the carousel there. So, we weren't too surprised when he got really excited to ride another one.

Noah rode on a big polar bear while Ryan held onto him. It's moments like these that I just don't want to forget. Seeing the two of them together seriously makes my heart just melt.

We took the opportunity to grab a quick family photo, too (Thanks, Jill!). Those frog eyes just crack me up!
I should also mention that Jill and Aaron treated us to the carousel and then the train afterward, so thanks again you guys! We jumped on the train, and they had a Halloween theme for it, too. I think the music was written in the 1970s or 80s, as it had a real "Reading Rainbow" kind of sound to it. All along the way, the train made different stops to see disappearing acts (that never reappeared...hmm....), the Wicked Witch (which was surprising decent), the Little Mermaid, and Dumbledore. Noah was really antsy and cried some to most of the time. :) You gotta love those moments when you're trapped, riding on a moving vehicle, and there is no way to escape while your child is crying. Awesome. :) On the flip side, Jake really seemed to have a good time! I love this picture of Aaron, Jill, and Jake - he has a great little pouty lip sticking out even though I think he was enjoying himself!

After visiting the giraffes, lions and tigers (who were exceptionally social), wild dogs, etc., it was time for dinner. We said farewell to our friends and grabbed a quick bite to eat at the zoo. Noah wasn't interested in eating anything except for crackers and fruit, so Ryan and I polished off some chicken fingers, cheese fries, pizza, and a hot dog like we hadn't eaten in days.
Lately, Noah has been doing different things to get our attention and make us laugh. The ride home was no exception. He kept putting the pumpkin bucket on his head and then taking it off to peek at us. He thought he was pretty funny...well, and so did we. :) Zoo Boo 2009 was a hit, and Noah slept like a baby that night. Goodbye, animals. See you at Christmas!!

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