New Firsts

When you have a baby under 12 months, it truly seems like your child is doing something new every single day. Now that Noah is closer to 18 months, his "firsts" are happening at a slower rate. In the past few days, Noah has started doing two new things...one really CUTE and the other is...well, more practical. :)

Before almost every meal, Ryan or I will pray before we eat. It's just a good time to center and refocus on what is truly important, thanking God for everything He provides for us. Last Friday, we put our hands together to pray and looked over, and Noah also folded his little hands to pray. Ryan said the prayer, and when we were done, Noah even said, "Amen", which sounded more like, "Ah-meh". SOOO CUTE! Now, even when he is sitting down to eat breakfast, he folds his little hands and waits for me to pray. It is the sweetest thing! I can't wait for the day that he can pray at night before bed by himself. I am so interested to see what he says to God and for which things he thanks God.

The second new "first" was Noah learning the word "poo". Not only did he learn how to say it, though. The same day that he learnd the word, he came up to us and said, "poo." When we didn't really react, he said it a few more times. Come to find out, he was telling us that he had a dirty diaper! He has consistently told us "poo" everytime he has had a dirty diaper. Sweet! I don't know when Noah will actually be potty trained, but my hope is that by the end of next summer, before I go back to work, he will be potty trained. We will see!

Noah playing in my reusable Kohl's shopping bags
They are the best!

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Anonymous said...

AWWWW How CUTE!!!... that's awesome he is telling you already! I heard boys take longer to potty train.

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