Ink in Your Dryer?

Last Sunday I was finally catching up on laundry after our race. Our nasty clothes had already been sitting there for a week, but I am in a good laundry groove where I only have to do it once every two weeks. It is a full day of laundry, but I'd rather do that than wash, dry, and fold clothes every day or two.

Anyway, I came home from a half day of work with laundry on the brain. I had already finished a few loads and had about four more to go. I fluffed some clothes in the dryer, and when they were done, I was shocked to find that an ink pen had EXPLODED all over my dryer and the entire load of khaki/green clothes inside. GRR!! I had just bought new American Eagle khakis, which I badly needed, and they were completely covered in ink.

Immediately, I'm out to figure out whose fault it is. I am really bad about that! Ryan teases me about it, but it truly is a bad habit that I need to overcome. I NEVER put pens in my pocket - I mean - what girl does? So of course, I'm thinking, "Grr Ryan!" I am also panicked because the ink is everywhere inside the dryer, and I'm worried that we'll have to buy a new dryer. I tried Lysol wipes, a magic eraser, and alcohol wipes, and nothing worked. Uh oh...

So I checked out the next best thing. I love this website! You can learn how to do anything. I read to follow these steps:

1. Put a half gallon of bleach and a half gallon of water inside a bucket.

2. Soak two large white towels in the bucket and ring them out.

3. Put the towels in the dryer and dry for 30 minutes.

4. Check the dryer. If more ink remains, dry for longer.

5. Once satisfied with the removal, wipe inside of dryer with a wet cloth to remove residue.

I followed all five steps and had to actually let the towels dry for 90 minutes total. The dryer went from being stained with ink to looking like this:

Not too bad, huh?! Thank you eHow!!! By the way, when I told Ryan that I pen exploded in our dryer, he said, "It wasn't mine!" He tried to blame it on Kya and Noah, so I went upstairs and recovered the pen. As soon as he saw it, he said, "Oh yeah, it's definitely mine!" Then he quickly added, "My mom always checked my pockets!" It's a good thing he was trying to be funny and not serious... :) I just wanted to post this in case any of you ever deal with exploded ink pens in your dryer!


Email Me said...

Good to know..I love Ryan's response. That is soooo Ryan. HAHA

The Deaton Family said...

ha! After many years of my mom ruining our laundry because she NEVER checked pockets, I ALWAYS check pockets. I have found cash, change, chapstick, receipts, and the list goes on and on. My rule is: if I find it in the laundry - I keep it. ESPECIALLY if it's money.

My cousin came over to do laundry, and left for a bit. I moved his clothes from the washer to the dryer, and found all kinds of stuff that not only would have ruined his clothes - but my dryer as well! I told him what all I had found, and he said "oh, just keep it then. Mom always checked our pockets". GRRR!!! However, I did score about $2 in cash and change. :)

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