Date Night with Friends!

I'd like to introduce two of Ryan's and my favorite people in the world, Abigail and Devin (above)! We all met at Hanover - Abigail was my sorority sister (and roommate for a year), and Devin was Ryan's fraternity brother. Before Noah was born, we used to get together with them about every 4-6 weeks to just hang out and do something fun together. For example, one year on New Year's Eve, we had dinner together and then went ice skating downtown. We've seen lots of different movies over the years, too. Our time together is always really laid back, and we usually end up laughing most of the night. We even went on vacation to Destin, FL a few years ago and had a BLAST (see below)! Yeah, it was pretty much paradise.

About a month ago, Abigail and I made plans that we would all get together over Fall Break. So on Saturday, Ryan's parents came down to stay with Noah for the night. After visiting with John and Gloria for a bit, we were off to Abigail and Devin's house. We hung out for a bit and then headed to a Japanese Steakhouse...yum...one of my favorites! It was so nice to just have some time with friends away from Noah. Don't get me wrong - I love him so much - but Mommy needs time for herself and for her marriage, too! :) Whenever we spend time with Abigail and Devin, it's just so relaxed...not stressful...and laid back. I never want to leave at the end of the night because I'm always having such a good time. But wait a minute...I'm getting ahead of myself.

So here Ryan and I are at dinner waiting for everyone's sushi to be delivered. Yeah, I went ahead and passed on the sushi. It's just not my fav! After the sushi course, we were served the infamous Onion Soup and salad with ginger dressing. I am definitely going to try to make both of these recipes in the next week! One bowl of each just isn't enough for me. :) I ordered the filet and scallops, and my mouth was watering while I watched the chef make the delicious fried rice and vegetables. Everything was so incredible! Can you tell I love food? I honestly LOVE watching Food Network and dream of dining at various restaurants all over the country. I really need to make a list so I don't forget where I want to go.

Anyway, I'm really dragging out this story. My filet and scallops did not disappoint. I nearly ate every bite and left the restaurant feeling SO full and SO happy! We went back to Abigail and Devin's to change clothes before heading to the...HAUNTED CORN MAZE! AHH!!! I hadn't been to a corn maze in years and was really excited to participate in some real Halloween activities. Can you tell I don't get out much? It was FREEZING Saturday night!! Devin had never been to a haunted house/maze, so it was fun being with him that night. Haunted places are hilarious to me. I LOVE being startled, and even when I see someone coming at me, and I know they are going to jump at me, it still makes me scream! The creepiest one was this little kid - probably 8-10 years old, who was completely covered up in a costume and mask. He was walking along with two older and taller people. The two older ones just walked by, and at the last second, the little one jumped at us and said "AHH!" really quickly and totally freaked us out! It was hilarious!

After surviving the corn maze, including the guy with the chain saw at the end of the maze, we went back to Devin and Abigail's for some wine (one of my favorites - Bricco Riella Mocasto di Asti), cheese, cookies...and you guessed it...Twilight Scene-It! :) The poor guys didn't stand a chance. Abigail has probably seen the movie 10 times and has noticed every single little thing in each shot. This girl knows her Twilight!!! She and I were on a team for our first round, and we almost beat the guys in five minutes. We let them have a turn so they didn't get bored, so it actually took about eight minutes to beat them. Then we all played against each other the second round. We kept drawing these "Fate Cards," where you had to read the card aloud, and then you had to follow the directions. It was HILARIOUS hearing Devin and Ryan say things like, "All the boys want you to go to the prom with them..." and "Edward comes to pick you up from school, move ahead 2 spaces." We were cracking up!

A bottle of wine, several cookies, lots of cheese, and many laughs later, it was nearly midnight. As usual, I was sad to go because we were having such a great time! Ryan had an early morning at church, and Devin was fading fast. I have never seen anyone like Devin get so tired so quickly at night! We said farewell, and the night ended. I really need nights like this - it just really fills my cup to be with good friends! I am also reminded that while I am a mom and a wife, I am more than that, too. Does that make any sense? It sounds strange when I write it down, but it's truly how I feel. Ryan and Noah are the two most important people in my life, and in order to keep balance in my life, I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of time with friends! Thank you, Abigail and Devin!!


Lisa B said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! Can't believe you passed on the sushi. ;)We just had some Tuesday night with Andy's parents...yummo!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Destin! That was such a great trip. We had so much fun last weekend!
~ Abigail

Email Me said...

I have to meet her some time...if you love her I am bound to. Ok and is Emmanuel's website seriously one of your favorites. If it is you have not been around the web much...tee hee

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