Conner Prairie

A few weeks ago, the Smithsonian Museums across the country had a free museum day. After checking the Indy area to see which museums we could visit, I saw that Conner Prairie was an option. The weather was beautiful that day, and neither Ryan nor I had been there since we grade school. I wish I had lots and lots to write about our visit, but honestly, it was just a relaxing day outside. We did visit the barn, and Noah was able to pet some different animals. We walked through different buildings and houses and played for awhile at the baseball diamond. At the end of the day, we went to the Apple Store and got a delcious donut and an apple cider slushie. They were wonderful!

Noah playing in the Discovery Station

Ryan and Noah by the Hot Air Balloon

Noah petting a Mama Cow


I heart this picture.

The cutest picture ever of Noah and Ryan together

Playing at the baseball diamond.

Marching through the field

Flying around outside the Apple Store

Apple cider slushies are delicious!!

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