When Daddy's Away...The Kids Will Play

Summer time means sprinkler time! Ryan's sister Kelli and her family bought this Elmo sprinkler for Noah when he was still an itty bitty baby, and we finally had the chance to break it out this summer. One particular day was when Ryan was away for work, and we needed to find something fun to pass the time. We had already been playing outside for awhile because it really is Noah's absolute favorite thing to do - other than eat fruit, that is. Just imagine what he would do if he got to eat fruit outside...oh my goodness! He would be on Cloud Nine.

Although Noah was pretty unsure about the spraying water at first, he really grew to love it!
Elmo had a big hose where water came out, but he also had a little hose where just a little water sprayed out. He loved it! I love when he crouches down like this because there are so many pictures of me doing the same thing! Who am I kidding - I still sit like this. :)

We had a great time playing in the sprinkler. It's wild to think all that we'll be able to do next summer when he is two years old!

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