Noah's First Tent

Friday when I was at work, I was missing Ryan and Noah. I started thinking about what we could do to kick off the Labor Day weekend. Then it hit me...BUILD A TENT! Did you ever do that when you were a kid? I LOVED building tents! We would create these huge houses inside tents with lots of rooms and props. My friend Jill and I even built a tent on her bed and slept in in one night. Of course we woke up in the middle of the night buried beneath the rubble of our tent, including two plastic chairs.

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I put together a quick little tent in our living room, and Noah loved it! He would run inside it, sit next to me, and then run out. A few seconds later, he'd have a new toy in hand and would run inside to see me again. In and out...in and out! This went on for quite a while until we decided to have some dinner.We had a great time! It was the perfect way to start the holiday weekend with our family.

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Lisa B said...

SO FUN!!! Our kids LOVE making tents.

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