Garage Makeover

If you remember, at the beginning of the summer I had all of these great plans and projects planned for our house. Putting up peg boards in our garage was one of them. We were tired of everything just sitting on the floor, taking up room. It always felt like the walls were closing in around us! In June, I went to Lowes to buy the materials for a bunch of projects. By the way, the people at Lowes were SOO helpful, which is something that I never get at Home Depot. Every time we go there, we'll ask someone a question, and they always try to find this one guy who apparently knows the answer to all questions. No one else seems to have a clue! :) Lowes, on the other hand, was just wonderful. I heard they cater to women, so maybe that is why I had such a great experience.

Back to the garage...I ended up finding the peg boards, but someone - who shall remain nameless - said that we didn't need any 1x2's to attach to the back of the boards; instead, this person said that you put the peg boards directly onto the wall. I asked, "How do you put in the hooks if there is no space between the wall and the peg board?" The question flew by the wayside, and we - I mean - I left Lowes with just the peg boards.

June turned into July, and July turned into August. Before I knew it, August became September. Ryan and I decided to go purchase the 1x2's, since that person had been incorrect in June, so we ran out to Menards Friday night after making the tent. We also picked up some edging and retaining wall materials. Of course, there was a great deal - buy 2 get 1 free! You can't pass that up when you are buying 57 edging stones and 51 retaining wall stones. :)

While Ryan took a snooze Saturday, I decided to attach the 1x2's to the peg boards since I was feeling particularly handy that day. :) I got out the electric screwdriver - or was it a drill with a screwdriver head on it? Either way, I used a power tool! I also got out the miter box, miter saw, a tape measure, and a marker, and away I went! An hour later, I had 3 peg boards framed and ready to go! When Ryan woke up, he screwed them into the wall, while I organized everything...my favorite!

Presto - Chango! We had a new garage...or at least it felt that way! It looks so much better that I just wish we would've done this 3 years ago. Oh well, we have lots of time to enjoy it now. Stay tuned for pictures of our new retaining wall and edging...

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