Cozy Coupe

Ryan and I had been talking about buying Noah a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe for about a month or so. We remembered loving them when we were kids and thought Noah would probably love them, too. We like to get on Craigslist and check to see if there are any good deals on different items. You rarely ever see the Cozy Coupes on there because people snatch them so quickly! From what I hear, garage sales aren't much better because people rarely sell them. It's just one of those toys that has actually stood the test of time!

During Labor Day weekend, Ryan and I were visiting our friends, Jason and Kim, and their little boy, Chase (Ryan's God Son). We had delicious Bub's Burgers, which I didn't have to feel guilty eating since I ran 6 miles that morning! It was so great to see them again and wished we lived closer! They moved to North Carolina about 6-7 months ago. Oh well, maybe we'll be neighbors someday because I've always felt like I'm supposed to live in the Carolinas. Time will tell!

Anyway, after visiting with Jason, Kim, and Chase, Ryan and I got to go on a date (stay tuned for a future post). What date would be complete without some shopping??? I don't know how it happens, but on nearly every date we have, we end up going to the mall, Target, somewhere. We went by Target to buy Noah the Cozy Coupe, but they didn't have one...bummer! The next day, we got on Craigslist, and low and behold, a lady had just posted one! We emailed her right away, and she called back soon after. So, not only did we get the Cozy Coupe, but we saved $30 buying it used.

At first I was sad because it was pretty dirty from being outside...and a little scuffed up, as though someone had wrecked it a few times. But after giving it a good scrub with some Clorox Anywhere (Thanks, Gloria!!), she was just shining beautifully. We've been leaving it outside in our backyard anyway, so now I'm especially glad we didn't spend $55 on one. Noah loves just opening the door, closing the door, opening the gas door, closing the gas door, putting his sippy cup in the "trunk", walking backwards in the car, etc. It is one of those toys that will surely be in our family for a longgg time!


Mandy said...

So cute!

Speaking of good deals-- there is a huge consignment sale this weekend!! Did you hear about it?

Anonymous said...

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