The Children's Museum

Soon after we got back from vacation, Jill and Jake invited Noah and me to visit the Children's Museum with them. We had never been there before and were excited to do something new! On the third floor, there is an area for little kids called "Playscape" that has several different activities for kids. One of Noah's favorites was the bridge (above). Sometimes I really want him to experience things like I do. I want to take him to each part of the area so that he doesn't miss anything. As much as that works for me, I know that he needs to be able to experience things at his own pace. Kids his age want to do things over and over again so that they can master whatever they are trying to do; plus, they feel good about themselves when they can do something independently. So, when Noah wanted to walk across the bridge 25 times, that's exactly what he did. :)

Next he moved onto the little playhouse area. Because we got there right when the museum opened, there were hardly any other kids around, which is always a bonus! He liked playing with the sink and refrigerator, putting the food and dishes from one into the other. Jake was really great about helping with the yard work while Noah tried to get dinner ready for the family. He was thankful that Jake was helping mow the yard but just couldn't understand why he brought that mower into the house...haha! :)

Next up...we were back to another bridge! There is a little area devoted just to kids under 2 years old. Again, back and forth he went!

Next up was the water table! How cute is that little apron? It's funny to see him putting that duck in his mouth. We don't have too many issues anymore with putting everything in his mouth, which is so nice! He splashed around for awhile, and then it was time to move on to...

...the tree house! Climb, climb, climb he went. Noah loved going down the slide and usually wanted to walk back up the slide. We're working on that!

Soon after playing in the tree house, Noah and Jake took a ride on the raft across the river. Seriously, how cute are these boys?! I can't get over them in their little polo shirts, blond hair, and fair skin...too adorable!

Next, it was time to leave Playscape and grab a quick snack. Do you know how impossible it is to get these guys to both look at the camera at the same time? There was some serious Goldfish eating going on!
Noah then got to take his first ride on a carousel. We chose a big tall giraffe and got all buckled into it. Then we waited and waited...and waited a bit long. Waiting is always longer when you have a 12 month old with you! :) Finally, the music started and around we went. Noah seemed to like waving to the people watching the most.
We had tea with the Three Bears...(can you tell Noah is fading fast in this picture?)

Then we went for a walk through the hallway of mirrors. I can't remember if it was this trip or the following trip to the Children's Museum, but Noah ran straight into one of the mirrors and fell straight backward. It was seriously like a comedy sketch! Fortunately, he was not seriously hurt. :)

This picture was TOO FUNNY not to include. It looks like he a little tap dance...maybe the buffalo (What do you think, Abigail?). :) He takes after his mommy!

Soon after we took the boys to get some lunch. I love the one restaurant area where you can choose 3-4 different options for kids, so I picked out some chicken, mandarin oranges, hot dogs, and cottage cheese for Noah. It was his first time trying cottage cheese, and without much surprise, he HATED it. Oh well, maybe next time!

The last thing we did was visit the trains. Noah was so sleepy at this point (can you tell?), but he was a trooper! Jake and Noah got along great...mostly playing by themselves but following each other around from time to time. It was really fun to hang out with Jill again, too. With all the time at home this summer and now working part time, I don't want to get in a rut, doing the same things all the time. I really want to take advantage of the time I am off work and do fun things with Noah but also am realistic about needing to get things done here at home.
The past two days have been pretty carefree, which is why I was finally able to catch up on some blogs. I hope you have enjoyed the new pictures and stories. Feel free to leave comments anytime!


Anonymous said...

Great pics from a great day! Noah will love one day reading about all he did and enjoyed. The Greenwood library is doing an evening program for kiddos Jake and Noah's age: Tues. at 6:30. The summer program was awesome, so I am going to sign up. Let me know if you are interested, Jill

Abigail said...

LOVE the buffalo pic...hilarious! He does take after his mom. :) I will have to try those pizza pies sometime, Dev loves his pizza! :)

Mandy said...

Adorable! Looks like Noah had a blast!

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