The Cape Continued...

After a long day in Port St. Joe on very little sleep, we arrived at No Worries in Cape San Blas! The house was more even beautiful in person than it was online. We honestly couldn't have been happier with this home! The kitchen had really nice appliances, dishes, and gadgets. The queen sized bedroom downstairs and the kid's bedroom across the hall worked great for the Irwins. The upstairs part of the house with the master suite, and the walk-in-closet was so huge that Noah ended up sleeping in his pack n' play inside the closet. It was so dark and quiet in there that I'm pretty sure he's never slept better. :) We also had a nice washer and dryer upstairs, which came in handy before leaving for home. I was able to do all of our laundry and bring home clean clothes rather than coming home and having lots of work to do. Very nice!

Noah had just learned how to give kisses right before we left for our vacation. He likes to keep his mouth WIDE open...it's so darn cute! I love that boy. The first night there, Jake and Noah coincidentally wore the same pajamas. With their blond hair, fair skin, light eyes, and same jammies, I seriously think they could be brothers. They almost have the same birthday, too! Jake "The Destroyer" is just a bit bigger than Noah, and he loved having lots of "close" time with Noah. :) I think this picture pretty much sums up who is stronger! Maybe if the boys stay friends over time we can get some other great shots over the years.

Every day of vacation we would wake up, have breakfast, and go straight to the beach. Noah carried around that yellow shovel ALL WEEK LONG. You know how he likes to carry things around with him! We put SPF 70 on him, and he didn't get even the tiniest bit of sunburn. We would play at the beach for a couple hours, running around, playing in the water, building castles, etc.

This picture below is one of my favorites. Whenever I see beams of light coming out of the clouds like that, I always feel like it's God putting His hand on us. I love how Noah is pointing up right into those beams of light, like he and God are touching each other. I love it, I love it, I love it! I think I'm going to have to blow up that picture to hang in our house. It really love how it captures how tiny Noah is and how big the world is in comparison.

On the first day at the beach, Ryan dug a hole in the sand, and the boys kept sitting in it. Well, one hole turned into two holes...which later turned into baby graves. Yes, that is their headstone behind them. Thank goodness for the cookie monster song to capture both of their attention in order to snap a couple photos. Noah was really fussy one day at the beach, so we put him in the stroller so that he could just relax and have a little snack. Jake decided to push him around the beach...so cute!

The third night in Cape San Blas, Ryan and I stayed back with the boys so that Jill and Aaron could go out for dinner. Here we are reading a book before bedtime.
The following night Ryan and I went on a date. We had dinner at Sunset Coastal Grill. The food was pretty decent...I had steak, and Ryan had seafood. :) Jill and Aaron had heard us talking about going horseback riding on the beach for our date night, so they surprised us and bought our rides for us! It was a completely generous gift, and we are still really thankful to have had the experience. The people from Two-Bit Stable were wonderful! I rode a horse named Preacher, and Ryan's horse's name was Sassy...and boy was she. Everytime Preacher would get close to her, she'd give us the stink eye. :) Preacher is quite the comedian...see below!

Throughout the week, we took turns making meals, which was fun! Jill and Aaron made this amazing shrimp boil one night. It was delicious! Jill and I both brought freezer meals, so that cut down on some of the work, too. Typically after lunch everyday, we'd put the boys down for a nap. Ryan almost always stayed inside to take a nap himself, so Jill and I would go to the pool or the beach and read for a few hours. I LOVED the alone time in my Harry Potter world! Reading a good book and getting a tan...I'm not sure there is anything better than that. :)

The time came for the Irwins to head home. Aaron had to get back to Indy to help with the Marion County Fair. We went back to Joe Mamma's Pizza for dinner and to the park to help tire out Jake before their long car ride home. It was sad to see them go, as we really had a great time with their family! I loved getting to know Jill better, and I didn't know Aaron that well from college, so it was nice to spend time with him, too. Jake was so good all week, and he was a great playmate for Noah. You couldn't ask for more considerate, kind, polite people with whom to go on a vacation!

I love this picture of Noah and me...I think it's wedding slideshow material. :) Gotta love those little shorts riding up his little bum. It just captures the stage of life we are in being young parents with a little one. The picture below is out in a gazebo over the ocean near the park where we were playing. Soon after taking this picture, we said goodbye to the Irwins as they headed back to Indiana.

The next day we decided that we needed a break from the beach. We drove all the way down Cape San Blas, stopping for lunch at Coneheads. It was a great place to have some hot dogs, shrimp, chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, fruit, and ice cream! :)

On the way home we stopped at the Cape San Blas lighthouse. It was well...how do you put it...a tad lame. I say that in the nicest way possible! The gift shop next door consisted of post cards, books written by the lady working at the gift shop, some collectable spoons, salt and pepper shakers...well, you get the picture.
Although we didn't have to check out until Saturday at 11 a.m., we decided to go ahead and go home Friday night, driving all night again. So, on Friday, our last day at The Cape, we went back to the beach one more time. You can see Noah below with his *SURPRISE* yellow shovel.

Here are his little baby footprints as we walked back up to our beach house for lunch. Sooo cute!

After a big afternoon nap for both Ryan and Noah, we packed up the car and said goodbye to The Cape. We stopped by Per-Snick-ety, a store I had been dying to visit since we arrived. Noah picked out a little wooden puppy dog toy that is attached to a wooden stick. He can push it around, and the puppy plays a drum. It is really sweet and is actually one of his favorite toys now! I picked out a really cool white platter that you can stick in little decorations for each of the seasons. I love it! We grabbed some Burger King for dinner in the car, and made our way out of Port St. Joe. The picture below is of Noah feeding Kya some of his apple fries. BUSTED!

This was our final view as we left Port St. Joe and Cape San Blas behind us. We couldn't have asked for more from our vacation. Our community was so quiet that we rarely saw anyone else at the pool. We had the beach to ourselves everyday, as it was completely private! We had great time with friends, fun time to play with Noah, and Amy/Ryan time on our date night. There was no cell phone service, no chores to be done, no distractions. We just got to spend time each other and relax every single day. We are so thankful for the trip and the time away together!


Lisa B said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!!! Love, love, love shrimp boils....yummy!!

Mandy said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time, Amy! Love all the pictures. Your family is so beautiful!

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