What an Honor

Kendall - 3 Weeks Old - Kangaroo Care with Daddy

My friends Jessica and Nathan were blessed with a HUGE surprise last summer...the news that they were having TRIPLETS! That's right, folks, triplets. :) As if that wasn't a surprise enough for a couple just trying to start a family like anyone else, they found out that they were expecting three girls, two of which would be identical. Isn't that just wild?!

Soon after the girls were born, I was talking to Jessica on the phone. This time I was the one surprised! She asked me to be the Godmother of one of her baby girls. I felt - and still feel - so honored! Being a Godparent means different things to different people. To Jess and Nate, they have asked that if - Heaven forbid - something would happen to them, that I would make sure that my goddaughter knew God and had a relationship with Him. WOW! What an awesome responsibility. :) I love having the opportunity to do this with Noah, and now I have the chance to share His love with one of her daughters, too. :)

A couple months ago, Jess told me that she wanted me to be Kendall's Godmother. Kendall is the tiniest of the three girls, weighing only 2 lbs., 1 oz. at birth. She is one heck of a fighter, and Jess seems to think that she's going to be the fiery one. I like that! Earlier this month Ryan, Noah, and I made the three hour trip to Georgetown, Kentucky for the baptism. I got to hold Kendall for the first time that day, and as you can imagine, I fell in love with her instantly. She was such a good girl throughout the ceremony, too. Even though she was asleep when the priest poured water and then oil on her head, she only cried out for a second. She was a trooper! Thank you again, Jess, for inviting me to share God's word with Kendall, but also to love your girls and to be close with you and Nathan for the rest of our lives. I love you guys!

Jess, Kendall, Nathan, Addison, and Kate

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy..I got on here today and saw what you wrote...it made me cry! We are honored to have you and Ryan (and Noah of course) as part of our extended family for the rest of our lives. Kendall already loves her Aunt Amy:) I cannot believe the videos of Noah...I love the one of Kya completely ignoring him while he was trying to get her...classic!

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