Update on Grocery Shopping

With all my other projects this summer, I have kind of put grocery shopping on the back-burner. I hadn't done a HUGE grocery stock-up trip for awhile, so yesterday was the day! Thank goodness for The Grocery Game making my life so much easier! Because of that website, my preparation for the trip only took about an hour! I had lots of organizing to do.

I ended up going to Kroger, Meijer, and CVS. Here are pictures of everything I bought:

CVS Total = $10.64 (saved $31.73)

4 bags of lettuce & 3 lbs. hamburger were only 60 cents total at Meijer!!!

We drinks LOTS of Powerade now that we're training for the Bourbon Chase.
Buy 10 get 5 free at Meijer

Doing some major stocking up!

We are usually breakfast-on-the-go kinds of people! The pie crusts are for my famous pizza pies.

I love my chips, and Noah eats hot dogs almost every day.

Are you ready for the totals? Drum roll please......

Total Value of Products: $236.66
Total spent: $100.69
Total saved: $135.97
I love when my fridge and pantry are overflowing, and I know I just saved my family so much money! It is so rewarding!
Can you believe I got all of that stuff for just over $100!!!

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Lisa B said...

Whoop whoop!! Way to go Amy

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