Terrific Tuesday

Noah and I had such a terrific Tuesday! We got together with my friend Jill and her little boy, Jake, who was born just a few hours after Noah. Seriously - Noah was born at 11:15 p.m., and Jake was born between 2-3:00 a.m. How funny is that? Ryan and I went to college with Jill's husband, Aaron, who back then we knew as "Big Irv." It has been really fun talking with Jill throughout the past year because Noah and Jake are often doing the same things at the same time. I think we've had countless conversations where one of us will say, "Oh my gosh, ____ is doing ____," and the other will say, "Oh my gosh, _____ started doing that two days ago!" It's pretty hilarious.

Jill & Jake

Anyway, we met Jill and Jake at their house and then headed for downtown. Originally, we were going to go to the Children's Museum. Noah has never been there before, and Jill's family has a membership. Well, because the weather was so perfect - warm and a little overcast...not too hot - we decided to go to the zoo instead, agreeing that we could always go to the museum when the weather isn't nice.

The boys are loaded up and reading to go! With that blond hair, couldn't they be brothers?

We started out looking at the marine life and checking out the shark exhibit. The boys really thought that was neat! The seals were especially happy, swimming all over the place and jumping above water. I quickly began to realize that going to the zoo in the morning is SOOO much better than in the afternoon. The animals are being fed, and their day is just beginning, so they are happy, moving around, and playful. The last time we went to the zoo, it was the middle of the afternoon, and most of the animals were so hot and tired that they just laid around napping. So, I made a mental note to go in the morning from now on if possible!

Between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m., the zoo has lots of activities for the kids to see and do. For just $1, we got to feed the giraffe a slice of sweet potato. I think the giraffe is one of my very favorite animals. I am just amazed by them! So, I was really excited about this opportunity. Jill and Jake fed the giraffe first, and I snapped a couple of pictures for them. Then, it was Noah's and my turn. We walked over to the giraffe, and before I knew it, he/she slurped that sweet potato right out of my hand and left it all slobbery!!! Can you see the look of surprise on my face??

Noah reached up and was petting the giraffe while we were snapping a quick picture. I think this giraffe really liked him. I would get one, but I'm not sure it would be as happy in my little fenced in back yard without any tall trees. Hey, Noah could always feed him sweet potatoes through his bedroom window. How sweet would that be?? :)

After checking a few more sections of the zoo, we all sat down and had a bite to eat. After lunch Jill walked away to throw away her trash, and Jake was in his stroller. He was looking back at Noah like, "Are you coming, little buddy??" It was precious! We went to the playground area to let the boys run around freely and play. They had a blast!! Noah had a slight meltdown when I put him in his stroller, but he came around pretty quickly. We were fast approaching nap time. We went and checked out the butterfly exhibit because we had never seen it before, and then we headed home. All in all, it was a perfect day at the zoo with friends!

Even more exciting is that Jill, Aaron, and Jake are going to join us for our vacation to Cape San Blas, FL! I think the boys will have so much fun, and we parents will all have a relaxing time away from home. Who could ask for more?

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