Swim Lessons

One of my coworkers sent out an email about the Southport Swim Program this summer. Ryan and I decided to enroll Noah in the Parent/Tot swim class to do something fun this summer. The swim classes were 5 days a week for 2 weeks, each lasting 30 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to have your little one in the water if you ask me! Sometimes Ryan, Noah, and I were all in the water together, and other times, just one of us would take him. We would sing songs and play different games with the kids while introducing new "skills" that they were supposed to be learning. The picture below shows the day that Noah had to wear a life jacket. I think they do that to help the kids get used to them.

Noah practiced kicking and splashing while we held him in differnet positions. I think the only thing he couldn't do was blow bubbles. He thought it was hilarious to see us do it, but whenever we tried to give him a chance, Noah would just open his mouth to try to drink the water. Silly boy! I think we only made it to 5 of the 10 classes because Noah ended up having a HIGH fever (102.5 to 103.3) for about 4 days from cutting a tooth. He didn't have any other symptoms, so that's all I can guess would bring on his fever. We also had our 5K run at church, so we missed class that night, too.
Daddy and Noah before swim lessons

Not only did Noah have a great time at swim class, but he was usually so wiped out afterward! If we were lucky enough to keep him awake in the car until we got home, Noah usually fell asleep so quickly and slept really hard until the next morning once we put him in his crib. Here is a video of Ryan and Noah doing the Hokey Pokey!


I love my family.

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