A Present For Myself

When we got married, we were really fortunate to have been given a new vacuum cleaner as a wedding gift. It survived two different apartments and the first two years in our house. However, for the past year, it just doesn't seem to be picking up dog hair, dirt, etc. like it used to in the past. Kya sheds a ton, so this has been a huge issue! It has gotten to the point that I don't even bother vacuuming (I know! How gross is that?) because I will vacuum SO SLOWLY and take my time (despite wanting to rush to finish so I can move onto the next thing). Then, when I look at the carpet closely, I still see dog hair everywhere!

I have been reading reviews on vacuum cleaners for about a year...maybe more. There seem to be wayyyy more bad review than good ones. Dysons are expensive to purchase and often break down, so you're left spending more money to fix them. Hoovers and Dirt Devils didn't seem to fair well either. Finally, I was talking to my friend Beckie about my dilemma one day. She told me about the Eureka Boss SmartVac, saying that it is a decent price and that Consumer Reports rated it really high! PERFECT! I borrowed hers to try it out on the dog hair...I mean carpets...before we steamvac'ed them. It was AMAZING!! I got on my hands and knees and could only see like two dog hairs on the entire carpet. WOW! I was sold. I ordered it earlier this week from Amazon for under $130 and have been patiently waiting ever since.

After Noah woke up from his nap, I saw this beautiful package waiting on my doorstep:

This is when you start OOOing and AHHing! I took the pieces out of the box, and scattered them on the floor. Noah was clinging tightly to me. I think he thought it was a monster or something.

A few minutes later and VIOLA! Presto-chango...a beautiful, bright red vacuum cleaner! I know this blog really is telling of my stage of life. I used to get excited about cute new shirts, a great new movie, etc. Now, a vacuum cleaner really gets me going! :)

Of course, one of the best parts about a new vacuum is the HUGE box for Noah to play in for a few hours. Again, why play with toys when you can play with a big old box. I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all. :)

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