Noah's Obsession

Noah has quite an obsession! At all times, he has to be carrying around some type of object, and typically, it is not a toy. Why play with cars, Legos, and balls when you can carry around a dish towel or a broom? Seriously. What is it with our son?? Thank goodness he is so social or I would start asking questions about the big "A". GEEZE! :) I tried to replace his favorite dish towel with a little blanket that has a stuffed animal attached to it. NOPE. Ryan even let him fall asleep with the dish towel last night. HAHA! Want to know what keeps my son from screaming in the store while I'm shopping? Eating a snack? NO. Sucking on a pacifier? NO. Holding a diaper? YES! So, in case you are wondering what to get Noah for Christmas this year, it sounds like a pack of dish towels, a broom, or some diapers will do. :) What a silly kid!

And for your entertainment, here is a video of Noah traipsing around the house with his friend, the broom. As you will see, he still likes to say "Dada" instead of "Mama", though he will say "Mama" when he is really fussy. Thanks Noah!


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Anonymous said...

He is SO adorable and getting so big. I love the video!! Danette

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