75% of Toys at Target...WHAT?

My friend, Rebekah, is always sending me different deals that are happening, especially ones related to Target. She finds out about most of her deals here. The website isn't the easiest one for me to navigate, but if you look in the right places, you can find some pretty incredible deals. Anyway, Rebekah emailed me earlier this week to say that Target was marking down lots of toys to 75% off on Thursday...and she noted to be there right at 8:00 a.m. I instantly got the Black Friday jitters all over again! Thank goodness I did get there right when the store opened because there was this lady (and her poor husband who was getting bossed around all over the place) who was just filling cart after cart full of toys! I'm telling you, these carts were filled with 10 of the same item, stacked to the ceiling. I said to her, "Oh are you buying for needy families?" She replied, "Nope, my husband and I own a business. I'm not that generous!" Can you imagine saying something like that? I felt embarrassed for her. They ended up renting a Menards truck to get the TWELVE shopping carts full of stuff home. They'll turn around and sell everything on Ebay and make a huge profit, but I just feel bad for all of the families in our community who really could have used a 75% off sale to help make their kids' Christmas, birthdays, etc. that much better while saving their family money. The poor Target people were sad, too, because they didn't even know about the deal until they came into work that morning, and they are not allowed to shop until their breaks or lunch. I always assumed since they worked there, they got first dibs. Sounds like it's just the opposite...

I didn't end up sharing the info with too many people b/c you always wonder if the sale will actually be there. I hated to call a bunch of people and then not have any good deals in the end. Well, note to self...the last week of July was a huge Target toy sale! I'll try to remember that next summer. :) You can find my deals below. While most of my deals were 75% off, you'll notice that some were a little less than that.

Easy Bake Oven Ice Cream Cone Set: $3.24 (originally $12.99)
Gourmet Cupcake Icing Set: $3.24 (originally $12.99)
Rub-a-Dub Pirates Bath Tub Toys: $5.12 (originally $20.49)
Refrigerator ABC Bee Hive: $5.12 (originally $20.49)
Cadoo Kids Cranium Game: $3.75 (originally $15)

Pixos Set: $4.98 (originally $19.99)
Moon Sand Play Set: $4.74 (originally $19.99)
Extra Moon Sand: $4.57 (originally $18.29)
Cars Play Set: $6.22 (originally $24.89)
Slinky Dog: $3.24 (originally $12.99) -- Noah will love this!!

Big Blast Gun $2.48 (originally $9.99)
Sonic Leapsters Game $6.22 (originally $24.89)
Puzzibits Play Set: $4.98 (originally $19.99)
Blue Care Bear: $4.24 (originally $16.99)
Pink Care Bear: $4.24 ((originally $16.99)
My favorite find was this wooden tool set! I can see why no one grabbed it. There was nothing on the outside of the box to let you know what was inside it. I have this love for wooden toys, so after trying to break into the box, which was completed tied up, I found that there were tools inside. It is originally $36.29, and I got it for $9.07!!! I was SO pumped! This will be a great Christmas present for Noah. I also got him a pair of jeans for $6.48 (originally $12.99), as he has grown out of his other pair. I also got one other item, but I can't write what it is or show a picture because I may give it to someone who I know reads my blog! :) Anyway, it is sold for $20, and I was able to get it for $5. How awesome is that?!
Total Value of Toys: $336.24
Total Spent: $93.01
Total Saved: $243.23
A great find was a Leapster Handheld Game System that was originally $50, but I found it for $12.50. Can you believe that?? When I found out my nephew already had one, I gave it to my friend, Jill, after she got to Target to do some shopping herself. Now that is a steal! :) While we'll end up giving several of these items to Noah, we also have our nephew's birthday party this weekend, so he'll get some of them. My mother-in-law will also give some of them to the grandkids, and I will give the rest of them to my elementary school to use as rewards for kids when they have good behavior. All in all, it was a successful shopping day!

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