Noah's First Trip to the Zoo

Two weekends ago we took Noah to the Indianapolis Zoo for the first time and had a blast! We had talked about getting a membership for a couple months and finally had time to do it. We went ahead and bought the Family Membership + 2 Guests so that we can take our friends and family, too. It only cost $40 extra and will definitely be worth it, so we're already planning trips with a lot of different people.

The first exhibit we visited was the Shark Exhibit. They now have sharks that you can reach out and touch. It's pretty amazing! The picture above is one of Ryan and Noah watching a penguin dive down into the water in front of them. Noah was pretty in awe of not only the animals but all of the people, too. He had this stoic look on his face the whole time...so serious and inquisitive. He just loves to observe people, and I'm dying to know what he is thinking. The picture below shows his general look when we're in public. To get him to smile, we have to do something crazy or bounce around or something. Otherwise, he is a serious Sam.

Midway through our time at the zoo, I started craving cheese fries! It has been TOO LONG since I have eaten the delicious goodness that is cheese fries. Even Noah got to taste a couple...can you believe it? He liked the spicy cheese!

Toward the end of our trip, we saw the monkeys. There was this little tiny cute baby monkey hanging out with some of the older monkeys. They all walked down that rock, and while doing so, one of the bigger monkeys pushed the baby monkey. It was really sad...yet kind of funny, too! Guess we're not the only creatures that pick on each other. The monkeys ended up walking right by us along the fence. I think Noah thought their little bums looked funny.

We're really excited about our next trip to the zoo, as well as the special upcoming events like Zoo Boo and Christmas at the Zoo. Stay tuned for more trips and more stories!

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Mandy said...

Love the zoo pics! We took B to the zoo a couple of weekends ago for the first time too:) I can't wait to go back!

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